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totally going to wishlist it as soon as it pops up

edit: it's on steam already ! nice

I'm an amateur of sound in games. 
Really love your reel. this sounds really good. I'm in awe of the liquid shockwave effect. hits right, the texture and the rhythm is calculated and cool.
what's the biggest challenge to produce something like that?
best of luck finding a team!

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I think it the main part of the creative process. On which side of the "line in the sand" do these plays on classic myths stand ?
Zeus the god of pumpkin shaped lightning ?
Thor the wielder of Pjumkir, the hammer made of pumpkin?
Earth , the flat plane carried through space by four galactic pumpkins?
Marathon, the man who delivered a pumpkin pie, and then passed away from exhaustion?
really depends on your taste.


its 72 hours just to catch the 48 hour weekend worldwide.

i think i won but am not sure and its okay that way


great improvements for the experience.
wish you luck with the job hunt!

it's good. it does me good. very nice stamp. thing not work without that stamp. 

wtf is development build in bottom right?


it dont run

fix pls

I fully support what you are doing with us. stuff like this alters the way app design is viewed. like... just open it up and play with it! YES! YOU ARTIST!


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great tribute to the oldschool arcade game. 
love the use of funky future 8 palette. love the fact that the colors cycle. gameplay / gamefeel feels really polished, great job!