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Great game! I really enjoyed the realistic elements added to the game. Also nice to see the realistic aspects were simplified so it was still enjoyable to play through those segments. 

Would love to see something like this for a trial with Edgeworth. 

Great game. The sprites were cute and Loved the music.

Took forever to find every Anna appearance for the password....

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Nice game. Sadly had to play it by myself but was a fun mechanic. The art style was cute. Good work.

Great game and the level design was good. Minor issue where walking into the spring cube throws you into air. This was when i was trying to push it into a converter.



Great game. The levels were fun to beat. Was stuck on level 3, till I somehow managed to block the light with the player.

I really loved it. The art and sound were great. Loved the progression being displayed as a fire for each level. 

Also: Pink blood > Red blood.

Interesting concept for an endless runner.

It could do a bit of work when the game speeds up. The camera scrolling fast made it hard to look at the screen. 

Nice work with using only one sprite. I loved the jump sound effect.

This was pretty fun once I understood how to play.

My only complaint would be having to jump and smash the energy box, as I often ended up on the floor above while trying to collect one. It would be more intuitive if I could collect it simply by touching them.

Interesting game, had fun guiding the last ray of sun through space mazes and growing space plants.

yes. I probably missed it.

Nice game. Loved smashing the spear through a row of enemies, but that caused me to die more often. Design was good.

Appreciated the option of download, since the HTML5 version was a bit small.

Made a similar game a while back, but yours adds a really interesting twist to that mechanic. Nice work, had fun playing it.

Interesting game. Although my last word probably got censored out lol

It was fun but had to give up at the multiple spikes for the female part since I couldn't switch fast enough. Nice work though!

Would suggest to have only one control to switch between the two. Maybe Ctrl, since both sides of the keyboard can access it.

Impressive work! The game was super fun to play. Loved the pixel art and sound. As other have said, I'd suggest changing the shard control from Enter to something closer to something else.

Would really be interested to play this if you ever do a full release.

I ran into this weird bug, where the etherium shard abandoned me for some reason. (Restarting the level fixed it).

This was really fun to play. Nice work.

Fun concept, but I kept losing in the first few seconds. (Although, that maybe cuz I'm bad at rythym games in general)

As a future update, maybe add an option to use hues of a single colour instead? 

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Hello TheRolf, thanks for trying our game. Could you try this submission instead: 

We seem to have accidentally submitted twice when itch went down.

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Hello taoralin, thanks for trying our game. Could you try this submission instead:

We seem to have accidentally submitted twice when itch went down.

The game is super fun and plays nicely. The CRT effects were a nice touch. Good work!

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Hello, I'm a programmer looking for a team. I'm a Unity game developer (C# + Unity 2D mostly, but can do 3D). I have done work on gameplay, UI and procedural generation for a 2D map. My original team was dissolved due to the members having other commitments.

This will be my first game jam. Check out some of the games I have made (for 'game jam'-style coursework at uni):

Feel free to contact me here or on Discord: Zanian_Joysword#0616

Hey sorry for the late replay. At the time, I did wonder if there was some sort of timer mechanic but was not entirely sure. It would make sense, as the particular level took me more time (from what I can remember). If you could find a better way to convey the timer mechanic, it would be pretty useful imo.

Really enjoyed the game, nice mechanics and backstory. 

Only issue I had was in one of the early levels, the red thread broke despite both Ame & Youta being right next to each other.

The game was pretty fun. Great work!

Only a minor issue where I wasn't able to push the crate onto a button, but after pushing it around for a bit, it worked.

Fun short game. Loved the art style btw.

Hey, this is an awesome sound file. I am planning on using it as the main menu bgm in a (non-monetised) game.

Could you confirm what license is used for this.