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I have another idle/incremental game on the site that you might also enjoy, although it's a little more hands on.  Anyway cheers.

Hey.  I'm glad to hear that were able to get so much gameplay.  By all means it sounds like you've done all that there is to be done.  If I remember correctly, a few of the upgrades are added procedurally so you won't necessarily reach an end point.  This was the first game I worked on, I was just focused on making something a little bit original, and didn't get as far as endgame or post game content.

Thank you for checking it out and taking the time to give some feedback.  

You could always just add buttons that switch between families on the main page--bonus points if they have some feedback when the family has an upgrade to purchase  And while you're add it, a button to create new family when that's available.  The more feedback and less clicking you give the players, the better.  Anyway keep at it!

Really enjoy the concept, Having to switch tabs constantly is brutal though.

i didn't realize the shop covered up other options.  I spent so long trying to figure out how to make anything happen.

Maybe?  Depending on how far along you are in the game?  (it's been about three years , I don't remember well enough)

Utterly gorgeous and oozing with charm and polish.

I was disappointed at first that it leaned more towards puzzle than city-builder/strategy, but the more I played it the more it won me over.

You're totally right.

Endgame/story goals are something that have been on my mind a lot.

I have some superficial plans like achievements to hunt, a bestiary complete, a catalog of items to collect, speedruns or endurance runs .  Also some more concrete ideas like adding a progressive boss rush, and boss battles to the end of each zone, as well as more advanced aspects of the town to work towards and use resources on.

Dwarf Fortress is hugely influential to me, I'd love to be able to cultivate something like that level of flavor and endless storytelling.

I Really appreciate detailed feedback like this.

It's definitely something I'm aware of.  For now if someone is willing to go through the hassle, they're welcome to it (It's probably just as easy to ship poor adventurers off to die with no gear in a lot of cases).  Still I'll probably get around to shoring it up sooner or later.

I played around with this a bit.  Levels seemed to increase for me even while in another tab.  That said, there's always some quantum weirdness about out-of-focus browsers.  Did you also notice abnormally high kill counts (more than 330) in the battleground when you came back?  It's not unreasonable that you could have gotten 1400 scrap just from having a bunch of items in the queue to be collected and scrapped.

Thank you.  Still lots more to come!

There is an upgrade to speed up how quickly your  workers recover items, if that's what you're referring to.

Great use of the theme.  Controls feel nice.  Background looks great.  No complains really.

The season resets every 162 games.   This should affect achievements however.  All achievements are taken from the lifetime stats of the players or the organization.  Some of the achievements may be too tedious;  I've toyed with the pace of the game a bit since first release without giving as much thought to readjusting achievements in response. 

In any case,  I'm glad you had some fun.  Thanks for giving it some of your time.

Ahh yeah, I think I renamed the rating to "Teach" at some point and must not have updated the name in the upgrade.  

The balancing is certainly a bit out of whack in the late stages of the game.  I'll consider making a hitting coach with blanket coverage and appropriate downsides.  I have plans to add some potential sinks so that you won't necessarily  be maxing out every rating. 

I will say that there is a trade-off with your strategy as well.   It may be a few less clicks to max out pitchers (and I won't blame you for wanting that), but pitchers do have less overall stat points available to them for now, so you will earn less for cutting a maxed out pitcher than a maxed out hitter in most cases. 

I appreciate you making me aware of that problem.

Wow.  That's quite an impressive game.  There are definitely points early on or in the very late game where you can see bizarre statistical anomalies like this(though 90 innings is the wildest one i've heard).  I've resisted the urge to just hard code a fail case, because the occasional 20 inning game sounds like fun to me, but I definitely need to tighten up the constraints a bit.

Thanks for letting me know.  I've been working on weeding out these sorts of issues.

Thanks.  I tried to make the decisions feel meaningful  as much as I was able, rather than just a steady progression of upgrades.  Now to do a better job making player scouting feel as meaningful.   Thanks for giving the game a play.

Yeah it seems like I've introduced some rounding error somewhere.   It seems like you are able to finish the goal after a couple of tries.  I'll Try to get that fixed at some point.  Thanks for pointing it out.