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I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this games quality. As a few of the other reviews have pointed out that for a pay-as-you-like game, it was remarkably well written and composed all together. The artwork was unique from my experience with VNs thus far and I thoroughly enjoyed every character design and background image used. I also liked the soundtrack, and will probably consider buying that as well to show my support when I have the chance. The only complaint I could have is that I felt the endings were all rushed, especially Giovanni's romance ending. The only ending that I felt had adequate dialogue to build into it was the romance ending for Emilio, but beyond that, the rest I felt could have used some additional work-in. Maybe to have taken the time to write out the course of Giovanni and the Protagonist's trip? Or maybe involve that sort of thing as an additional "DLC" style bonus sometime down the road. Or just to see a sequel would also be pleasantly acceptable, and I'd happily support its development. But wishful thinking, I suppose!

Overall the game was very well done. I would have happily paid more for it if I had known its value beforehand. Thank you for sharing this game! 8/10

Awesome, I sent you the email titled "LoadSmacker from - [RockRobin] Typos & Errors" for the sake of simple reference. Hope to help out more in the future!

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I've only recently started playing visual novels and have become a fan of quite a few titles from varying genres, and RockRobin definitely holds a special place in my favorites list for VNs. I've thoroughly enjoyed the uniqueness of the story and the conflicts put in between each individual character. I must admit that my first playthrough resulted in a "What's love got to do with it?" ending, even when I didn't plan to do it that way. I was focused on trying to romance Beau, but never seemed to figure out how to trigger his romance until I looked up the guide and discovered where I had to do to trigger it.

Thus far I've romanced most of the characters, and I have to say the two that are my favorites are Dallas and Wizz. I'm a sucker for character history and to have first seen most of the basic interactions in my initial playthrough without seeing the romance scenes with Dallas, then doing so in a second playthrough was incredible. I loved seeing the connections between the two and the past they shared together, both positively and negatively. Specifically I loved the Christmas scene with Dallas, as well his epilogue has been fantastic thus far. As for Wizz, I loved how it started out seeming so unlikely (similarly to Dallas when I think about it); the lack of obvious attraction involved and interest in one another's lives. To see how they viewed each other once their masks of hostility toward each other had been taken off; where Robin got to witness a vulnerable, self-conscious side of Wizz which gave her an "in" beyond witty retorts and their music. I've got to admit, I enjoyed the idea of all his date scenes, including the final clip involving their early morning panic and how they handled the situation together; how Wizz stepped up and handled it maturely and delicately without the use of their standard comical outline. I was beyond disappointed when I got the achievement informing me that I had completed his romance, because I loved how it concluded so much that I wanted to see more; some kind of hinted future of maybe where they'd be a couple years down the road. *insert sadface*

On the bright side, at least I have more Dallas epilogue to look forward to later on down the road, though I already know I'll be disappointed to see that conclusion as well. I guess I just don't handle endings very well!

As a side-note: I've made it a point to take screenshots of dialogue scenes that have typos or overall grammatical errors as I've seen them and thought about it and added "notes" in the screenshots of where the errors are and what fixes them. I'm sure you've tons of people helping you with this issue as is (between friends/peers helping on your end and other fans helping out), but if you'd like me to send them to you, let me know and I'll keep on top of it.