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Got it!! Thanks for reviewing. Gonna do it all

Did you upload the html5 file and selected that the project is a html5 game? Also checked the option "this file will be played in the browser" ?

Gonna check!!

Thanks mate!!

Thanks for reviewing mate!! 

So about the collision I have already done an improvement just haven't launched yet. 

The name has a meaning and will be explained during the story.

 Also I'm not good composing but I'm working on it haha. 

And will have far more levels just need finish them. 

About the enemies speed, I'm trying to find the bet number for it!! 

Thanks again. I really appreciate!

Alright, gonna check, thanks!!

That's really cool. Thanks!!

Muito obrigado!!

Thanks bro!!

TIC-80 community · Created a new topic Video Play

Hi, is there a way to make tic-80 play a video? 



Thanks mate!


What a dedicated postman hahah 

Awesome graphics!!

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Awesome!! Maybe a background music would be good


oh god so much talk hahaha

Hahaha so funny 

Thanks for reviewing!! 

I tried to minimize it as much as I could but it's still hard to fit, gonna check  what can I do but about the enemie speed, I was alredy concerning to change it, but I'm gonna add some magic that could resolve it too!

Thanks again, really appreciate :D (HTML VERSION)

A RPG Game where you play in a dungeon!!

This is just a demo, working on the full game.

Feel free to give suggestions! 💙

Thanks bro!! Will be released soon. Just wait !! 


Very interesting!! I have done something similar (a text RPG) but nothing compered to yours!!

Funny game, adding some songs and speeding up the balloons could be a nice improvement

Hey mate, try to change the background color, it's hard to read.

And thee yellow its a bit too strong, but gonna test the game!!

I just died several times haha but liked it!! Loved the game art