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One word is enough.

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here is a screenshot 1 step from the end. the best maze+hero+monsters+speels game I have played last years. it tooks me 3 months to finish the game, playing every evening. 7 levels, 7 monsters. got all medals and see everything. thank you very much for that game!

Thanks for the replay. I have played all of your games. The best one is Card Thief. Played on iPhone. Now I learn how to play Crypt of the Bone King. Did you see the game Seven Scrolls? There are several great interactions between hero and monsters, plus combo cast spells via scrolls. It took me 3 mounths to finish game, 7 levels, beat 7 monsters and collect all medals. Best is to play on iPhone.

This is much better then Maze Machina. It is simplest and minimalist. 3 types of items = sword, bucklet, crossbow. Easy goal = take golden piece and go to the door.

Very nice. Why is Maze Machina so complex? I lose motivation to play Maze Machina.

I love chess, but this game is a completely new perspective, where the king is the master executioner.

This game has inspired me so much that I have decided that one day I will also create a game related to chess, perhaps more logical than action-oriented.

we add DEMO for download for free. play brothers and sisters!

Hi, a few words:

RPG Conquer the World is a classic adventure game. As the main character, Jacob, you engage in your everyday tasks such as morning routines, going to school, dealing with arrogant individuals, getting grounded at home, and writing homework, etc.

This is a story-driven adventure with 8 chapters. It also features a tutorial, which is both silly and amusing. There are several items to collect and use, and you can earn experience stars and happy points. The game includes sarcastic dialogs, animations, and plenty of fun.

So enjoy!

Hello guys. This is our first post here. We've created an adventure game and would like to know if our game has any potential. 

Please give us some feedback. Thanks!

Ravenmore - here are the one picture, where you can see you icons in inventory. 

I think the most missing icon is the "KEY".  I need to find similar icon elsewhere.

And I dont like the # on a coin. Maybe nothing or crown will be better. 

Is there a 512 px resolution of icons from 2017 somewhere to download?

Perfect icons! I used it in my gamebook: beautifull work!

nice game and nice mechanic of the game. it ends in blank screen after finishing 2nd level. 

but I am very confused with buttons. there is a state if the button is toggled on or not. and I don't know which action will the heracles takes.

I want to swap with monster, but I punch him instead :-(