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I'm glad I don't use that site. I hope itch doesn't follow suit. I'm so sick of puritanical attitudes taking over various websites in recent years.

So I follow a number of developers who are working on games I'm interested in. But for some reason, with certain ones, I never seem to get any notifications on my feed about their dev updates or even notification of new versions of said games being uploaded. It's like "following" them doesn't actually do anything! What's going on? Is there some setting I need to change, or is this some weird site bug? It's strange because others show up fine.

...d'oh. I'm blind. Thanks, heh.

Eyyy nice to see SpaceEscape back, and in chibi form no less!

Unfortunately, my controller doesn't seem to want to play nice with it, and I can't figure out some of the keyboard keys for certain things, like dashing. (Unless of course that's not implemented yet and I'm just being dumb haha) Might I suggest adding a list of what buttons do what for the keyboard? (Also i couldn't change the controls in the options menu, for some reason)

By the way, on a more technical level, what are you using to make this thing? (What engine/language, any game making program or coding from the ground up, etc.)

Great game, thoroughly enjoyed it up to this point- but I think I'm stuck. I can't seem to figure out what to do next. Also, I notice Muffin is no longer in my options, somehow? Is that supposed to be the case? Is there a way to restart a specific mission? I really don't want to have to restart the whole dang episode.