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The acronym "TTRPG" stands for "Tabletop Role-Playing Game", which is to say, the same general kind of thing as Dungeons & Dragons or Call of Cthulu or Eclipse Phase or so on. I hope that helps?

Oh god no, I meant a week for your core book :)

Oh man, that's amazing — I think I'm going to need a week to absorb the game properly!

I hadn't heard of OFF before — sounds cool, so I've got something to check out, too! :)

Thanks! — I've seen (I've done) rules-light urban fantasy as "oldschool D&D with the cleric made over as a medic or something" too many times; the roles here are a very deliberate answer to that

Check out for example Datasheets, information, and the template file that the Rainworld authors use to create them!

I just want to say that, during a really bad mental health month (old bereavement, gets me every year) I keep coming back to this comment and smiling.

Thank you :)

De nada! Honestly, not as much as I ought to have — both my thinking on it and my attempts to coherently do something else are a WIP 😅

"Haha this will only be a couple of sentences!" I said, and wrote a whole devlog.

I hit the end of the Paths to Power and went "I should do a section on antagonists — no, hang on, I should point people to where it's been done well already!" 💜

I'm not sure there's truly enough thought in the stat replacements to say much, but I'll have to see what I can do!

Fuck YES.

At this rate it might take me til deadline for it to come together, but I think there's something weirdly compelling about a kind of "Blair Witch × Mecha anime" atmosphere!

"With 30: spend 30 bullets — " holy SHIT 😵 



Basic TCG community · Created a new topic al-Khemeia

I wouldn't call it complete, but I've run out of steam on it for now, so: voilà! A handful of loosely alchemy-themed cards.

This is great, and the look is just gorgeous!


This one is pretty laissez-faire, you're fine!

That's amazing.

Thank you!

I really like this!

I don't think I've seen quite this mechanic before — very neat, easy to grasp, nice work!

I wouldn't have the first idea where to start building on this, but it's pure gold. Literal laughs out loud while I was reading it — just so much joyful fun!

Oh, that's really nice! Soft SF + biotech settings are always a good time :)

Thanks! I'd been fretting a little that so many entries focus on mechanics — felt a bit odd one out. Glad to hear it landed well with you!

If you want the CC license to forbid other people from charging for derived works, you need the Attribution-Noncommerical (BY-NC) license.

The only restriction on Attribution (BY) is crediting the original creators.


No problem!

It's designed for a GM - the role that the rules refer to as "Control".

The combat rules are maybe a little bit crunchy, as written, to run entirely without a map grid - but if you handwave the weapon range rules, there's no reason you can't run it as pure theatre of the mind. (I certainly don't see a problem running it unmodified in something like Roll20.)

Aw, thank you! ☺️

I think I'm honest-to-goodness blushing!

This is amazing — I love the art and the authorial voice!

(If you don't mind a proofreading note: p36 refers to Wizardry/Consecration/Sorcery as a "dichotomy" — that's specifically a two-way split, it'd be a trichotomy.)


There is indeed a platform video game named "Rain World", which has no connection with this pen & paper RPG named "Rainworld". I hope that clears up any confusion you had!

Aw, thank you!

Cheers! 👍