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Ah, I understand. I like that you consider the reasons for why they developed that way. I eagerly await being able to play the game myself.

Okay. It feels a little weird that only plants would be dangerous, so I'm personally hoping for some dangerous critters too. Looking forward to the demo regardless.

Given your new rules, does this mean that plants can't be scanned and creatures can't be dangerous?

Oh wow, yeah that does look weird, haha. Oh well.

Ah, as a fellow programmer, I understand. Good luck!

I assume this post is outdated given your thread is now called Star Surveyor devlog. Regarding the spider though, you could try adding some kind of design to its back (like a black widow) to make it more interesting if you wanted to keep the legs the same color as the body. I personally think it looks fine, and I like how it pulls itself up to retreat from you. Love how all the creatures feel so organic, I've wanted to do similar for my own games.

I love the little firefly! I can see that being a useful game mechanic too where even if your own light source isn't enough you can take advantage of the fireflies (which may be able to reach places you can't) to see more of the level. Some great level design potential there.

I love the look of it, though it's a bit weird that the player and cursor have separate light sources rather than a light shining from the player towards the cursor. Is it intentional that there's actually two light sources or is that just the limitations of the lighting right now?

I agree with the other posters. Reading a devlog pretty much means you should expect spoilers. However, if you want to be considerate of those who don't think of that, is there a spoiler tag you could use to hide certain things? If not, you could just make it apparent in your first post that spoilers will be in this thread and/or post a big SPOILERS warning at the top of new posts with spoilers.

Personally I'd love to see more of this as it develops, and I think it'll be fine to just show us new creatures and features without spoiling the game. Since it's Metroidvania there will still be a lot to be revealed through actually exploring the levels and whatever data you get from scanning. You may also get a lot of helpful feedback you'd otherwise miss out on.

I love that! Awesome feature!

Nice work, this was surprisingly fun and addictive. Also, your funny faces did in fact keep distracting me. Damn them! XD