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Lj V. Miranda

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Hi thank you so much for playing! Never knew that folks will find the vision system fun! Thank you for the fun game jam experience and see ya around!

Thanks for making these assets! I used some of them in my game: . Awesome work and looking forward to more of your creations!

Thanks for the sprites! I used it in my game for a jam: . Awesome work!

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Hi everyone, developer here!

I hope you enjoy my game, Better Together - a roguelike adventure. It’s an action-roguelike where you can recruit enemies into allies as you ascend a dark tower. As you recruit new friends, your party gets better, together!

I really enjoyed creating this game and I hope you also enjoy playing it. I started working on it the second week of September, and finished some of the major mechanics this week. Unfortunately, I have to cut my development short because I’ll be busy next week with work. I still have a lot of post-jam plans so stay tuned!

MinnHax is my very first game jam, and I’m excited to see what others have made. If you enjoyed playing this game, please leave a favorable comment and rating in the page (I’m low-key developing my game dev portfolio so every comment helps!). You can also check out the dev log for more information :)

Thank you so much to the MinnMax community for hosting this kind of event!

Created a small educational game in PICO-8 (artificial life, automata) using your tileset: thanks!

Hey thanks for the feature! I appreciate it!

Hey thanks for playing! <3

Awesome work! Because of your game I discovered bitsy hacks! I learned a ton from playing your game :) I like the sprites too!

Hi everyone!

I’m so excited to share my very first game— Abyss! It’s a retro action-roguelike that takes you into the depths of the unknown as you fight monstrosities. What lurks in the deep end? Find out!

Play it here:

This is also a learning project to force myself to learn Godot. It’s a fun little side-project that I’ve been working on during the weekends for the past three months! Initially this is supposed to be a 7DRL entry, but life happened and I wasn’t able to push it through.

In addition, I was able to use my newly-acquired pixel art skills in creating the sprites and tilemaps. It’s fun to see those monsters move around like they’re alive! Making games made me feel like a kid again. I’ll probably continue doing this in the future.

Again, as this is my first game, I’m so excited to share this to everyone! I have only tested this on Desktop. Will look into adding touch screen compatibility soon.

I highly-appreciate comments and suggestions, please be nice! Play it here: