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Woaw !! Hello Zakaria ! I just saw your post and your video :) :)
That. Is. So. Cool. To see !!
And yes ! we are currently recording an English version of the voice acting, it will be available in the next update. With a looooot of fixes.
The multiplayer aspect as you saw is far from finished ! But we knew it when we posted this version, we didn't want to miss the feedback quest so we've posted Kritter as it was ! As you said in the video, Kritter is still in early development and this "Feedback Quest" was really cool to gain feedbacks. Thanks to you and some other fellow gamers, we have now weeks ans weeks of work to do but... This is all pleasure !! 
As soon as we have an updated version : I'll let you know !! Thank you again

Aaaaahhh un commentaire en français !!
Ne t'excuse pas ça fait plaisir de pouvoir répondre dans notre langue haha.
Ton feedback est absolument incroyable de détail. C'est quasiment une todo list à lui tout seul. 
J'ai pas grand chose à dire, tout ce que tu as dit est vrai et certaines de tes idées sur l'équilibrage, nous n'y avions pas pensé avant de te lire donc : merci merci merci !!

Hello Atas Fun ! 
That is very pleasant to read ! For now the game is only voice acted in French, but we are recording an English version for the next update ! This will convey the humor even better for English speakers !
Yes, the imperfections you've noticed are very true. We are currently working on simplifying the two loose conditions. (the ship and the Kritter) We will also add a timer to announce the future enemy wave. And the idea of a teleport will come in a further update, with other "buildings" currently not available in the game !
However this is the first time we read about that tiny rotation of the camera but this is really interesting. Maybe when we update our "settings" panel this will be something you can tick or not !

Thank you so much for your post, your time and your kind words !

Thank you so much for your post JaredLevi, it means a lot !!

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Alriiiiight I see !!  Thank you so much for this ! You seem to end the game with 16 crystals. Which is enough to buy any perk. (first perk costs 10)
One is orange as soon as you open "The heart". So you actually DID buy a perk. But it did it immediately, and the game did not understand you bought it. You seem to play with a controller, maybe it's a controller issue. We are going to resolve that because yeah... That's hard, after that you're stuck forever. Kind of a big one there !! 

Hello there ! I tried Crab Raid Tactics yesterday and I liked it !!
I like the deck building part there is already a large variety of spells, cleaves, healing, melee, ranged skills so that you can mix for several games. 
I liked the design of the crabs and the clarity of your UI too.

Now, I wasn't able to select my crabs using 1 - 3 numpad, I don't know why but it simply did not select my units. So I drag and drop them and it's sometimes confusing. Since it's a bit slow to move your 3 crabs using drag and drop. 
I'm not entirely sure of which crab I am moving with that technique either. I saw you circled the "box" of the selected crab though, but I think I'd make it twinkle a little maybe. 

Now concerning the difficulty, I think it's a bit too easy. The game is an auto battler with a strategic side. And most of time the "brute force way" works. I think it would emphasize the strategic side if the mobs with telegraphed attacks came a bit sooner ! Maybe the squad "morale" should start at one and could be gained at the end of the waves ? Don't know ! 

Maybe the range spells ( ours ) should be faster. They often miss their target. 

This is an awesome work for now ! It could be very very cool with some other arenas, maybe one music or two in the background, maybe some little animations when crabs are moving... But I really enjoyed playing it !! Keep rocking !!

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Okay I see !! This is really interesting. The "normal way" is, once you exit, your character is supposed to spawn on top of the ship. Outdoor. A first wave of ennemies comes, they don't do any damage and you get a reward from them, 10 red crystals when you kill them. So that normally you can't be stuck once you get back in the ship when you die.
My guess is that maybe, your character did NOT spawn at the center of the map and all this never happened. You are supposed to be around the ship, surrounded by some sort of river. But sometimes, the game makes you spawn at weird places. Maybe you had that bad luck happening in the tutorial and so... You're stuck haha damn ! If you have details on how you died so that we can investigate and resolve that bug, don't hesitate !! :)

Hello Paladin Ecko ! 
Thank you for your post, this is weird...? Normally, after your first death, tutorial continues, the voice tells you to go and interact with the heart ( with E ). Once you purchased a perk, after the lore ends, normally it unlocks the exit and the tutorial is over. 

Did you try to buy a perk interacting with the heart ?

Ahahah excellent !! We never had that bug before but we will investigate and terminate it !!

Hello Servelat ! Thank you so much for your review ! It confirms some of our doubts and add some interesting things to improve. I couldn't agree more about the confusion between the two loose conditions. It lacks feedback when M.ark gets attacked / is in danger or something like that. Very true too what you said about the camps, we are currently discussing with Bigz to improve them. 

So cool to see that you battled the Artillery units, you almost reached the boss then !! :P
Today, I'm not at home and can only use my Mac on the move, but I can't wait to try Crab Raid Tactics tommorow !
Have a nice day !!

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Hello! Glad that you enjoyed it! The game is hard on purpose but you'll see that it gets easier each time you play :)

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Hello everybody ! 

We are "Les Joueurs Français", three buddies who just released their first game ! That first game is called "Timo's Adventures". It is a musical runner ! When I say musical, picture it like the musical levels in "Rayman Legends" where everything is synchronized with the music. In a way, it's almost a rhythm game, almost a runner game... THIS IS DEFINITELY A ARCADE GAME !
Since yes, Timo's Adventures is freaking hard ! There are ten levels. This is not a endless runner. For each level we recorded its own music.
As the levels go, the music tracks are getting faster... And so is the game! At the end you reach a "Sonic-like" type of speed and the music looks like K-Pop ! ahah.
Timo is a chameleon. To avoid damage, you must change your color to match the color in the background  and you can hit ennemies with your chameleon tongue.
You pick a name at the beginning of your journey and then every high score is saved online ! There is a online leaderboard so that you can know if you are close to the top or the very last one !

Here you can download it on our page :

The game is subtitled in French, English and Spanish and here are some screenshots now ! Take care and have a good day !