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congrats on winning nuovo award!!!

good one

really good game

谢谢!是用 制作的

so good, i cried


omg this is wonderful

kind of sad when i noticed that the voiceover is not made by you :(

love the game, and you

the last scene of walking in the dark is truly amazing

love it

love this game! any plan for macos & linux release?

where is the game

wow the game is amazing. really like it when i saw several lines of words and it turns out to be a staircase.

really good game

awesome game. i usually don't enjoy rhythm games much, but this one feels so different.

the poem is hilarious, please make more of it

Super interesting!

I changed my DPI to 6400 to make it able to play the game...

Thanks Francys!

Really enjoy the game. Love how you interpret hint!

Thanks for the comment! We are thinking about making some refinement on this game.

Here is the SHIFT game:

It's a Flash game, and it is a series. The latest version of the game is a commercial release, which could be accessible on Steam:

Hope you could enjoy it.

Ah, me too

OMG I love this game. It feels like solving rubik's cube! Despite the brilliant graphic and music, the puzzles have some depth, which is not usually seen it a jam entry. Really good job!

Great game! It could feel much better if you could give a stronger feedback when you correctly hit a note. At the very beginning I was a little bit confused whether I've hit the note.

Thanks for your comment! Actually level 8 used a little bit of traditional sokoban skills. You first travel to this place using your shift ability:

And then you push these blocks like this:

If you got confused in future levels, I thought there was a hidden mechanism which I forgot to mention. That is you could not use your shift ability to walk across the wall and go straight onto the goal.

Anyway, I'm so glad you are interested in our game! We didn't dig really deep into the mechanism, as this mechanism feels too free for players to move. Maybe in the future we would like to shape the game into a more polished version.

It will be great if you could spend more time to polish the game! The mechanism is interesting! 

When I first saw the GIF I thought it was made by PICO-8, the palette of PICO-8 is so iconic. The animation and music/sound are brilliant! Really like your game!

Hi! Together with my friends, we've made a puzzle game with quite simple mechanisms and good looking graphics. If you are interested in puzzle games, please have a try!

Thanks for your comment! I'm one of the puzzle designer, and it's a huge honor for us to have your praise! Maybe someday in the future we would like to bring more mechanisms and levels to the game!

Thanks for the comment! We are really encouraged by your words! Yeah at the moment the game feels like lack of design, as we aren't able to shape the mechanism well during such a short time, as we are not experienced game devs. We'll try our best to make the game feel more reasonable :D

Sorry for the broken control. Actually the game is not well tested on multiple machines, so we are not aware of that problem before we uploaded the game. It's a huge encouragement for us that you like this concept. Maybe we will try to improve the game in the future. Anyway, thanks for the comment!

Sorry for the confusion. Our game is pretty badly designed as we are not experienced game devs. There is actually a button in the hole, and the light need to expose through the whole and you'll find there is a "button" inside. The you could drop the light and walk through the gate.