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I bought this portrait pack because I wanted art for a character I had in mind for a game, and not only did I find one of these portraits to be perfect, but am in TEARS over how absolutely beautiful they all are (which should come as no surprise, honestly). Celethe is so freaking cute, Darwai has the perfect soft features and dreamy look (and even the color of hair I wanted!!!), and the others are so unique and varied as to be used for a variety of different character and NPC concepts!! This level of quality for only $5?? Pure philanthropy.

thank you so much!!!

used this on the fly to start off a game tonight and it was AMAZING. i'd never read it before and scrolled through the pages the same time as the players, having them take turns rolling on each table. the story we built was so incredibly cool and funny and carried us through the entire rest of the game, where we ended up saving the deceased from the clutches of the devil who rose up during the funeral to drag her to hell.

A++++++++++ module.

this game saved my ass tonight! i was in the middle of running a game and needed a setup for a little house and found this in my files and it was PERFECT for my characters finding a hidden door and a bunch of creepy stuff down below. thank you so much!!!

thank you!! i'm so glad!!

thank you sm!!!!! ^^;

thank you so much!!!! i'm so happy it helped!!

thank you so much!

This is my absolute favorite Trophy incursion, full of gothic horror and spine-tingling details. My players were incredibly creeped out by the moments sprinkled in throughout, and I enjoyed every single moment of the game. Highly, highly recommend!

This game looks so fantastic! The layout and artwork are gorgeous! I can't wait to play it!

feel free to make (& sell, if you like) anything you want! i would be honored!! thank you so much!!

oh, my mind DEFINITELY goes to demonic cult, and an open portal to hell leaking things into our world, especially with the bit about too many guests for the number of cars 👀👀👀

but i could also see something a bit more lovecraftian in nature, or more appalachian/slenderman

i love it!!!

fantastic adventure with great backstory and awesome bestiary!! loved every word!!


well done, 10 of 10, leaving the lights on tonight.

thank you for this update!!

best description of stats i've ever read. this game is a work of art. 10 of 10 would frame and hang on my wall.

thank you!!

this adventure is fantastic and i could see myself running it in multiple different systems, including 5e, cypher, masks, and more! incredibly evocative and descriptive! 

amazing game, all you have to do is make up your own rules!!!! i will never play any other game again

thank you so much!! <3

i wrote a guide to writing one-page rpgs that might be helpful!

if you'd like someone to do a grammar & spelling check of the english version of your game for free, message me on twitter @litzabronwyn when you're done!

this game is absolutely beautiful and allowed me to create a setting with a friend that i now hold incredibly close to my heart. thank you so much. <3

brilliant game. exactly what i need for this christmas. gonna get an early start maybe.

an absolute masterpiece

sometimes a game is so pretty it makes me cry and this is one of them

thank you so much for this comment!! this was so lovely to wake up to. 💗 i really appreciate the feedback and will definitely take a look at improving continuity. thank you again for your kind words! 💗💗💗

thank you so much!!! 💗💗💗

thank you so much!!

please do!! that's no problem at all!

this game fucked me up in the best way. deep, piercing, raw, cathartic. love that it can be played single-player. thank you. <3

thank you!!!

thank you!!! :'D

thank you so much! <333

thank you! <3

thank you!!!

this game is extremely beautiful and designed to be so sleek and compact but with so much information in it. i love all the backgrounds so much; the way they're written makes so much more sense to me than the way skills, spells, and items are described in the original tunnel goons game and i super appreciate that. this is just amazing from start to finish.

absolutely amazing, 10 of 10

this is such a cool game, like legit actually a better futuristic cyberpunk game than any other game i've seen of any length. 100 of 10 stars, the only rpg i want to play!!!!