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oh, my mind DEFINITELY goes to demonic cult, and an open portal to hell leaking things into our world, especially with the bit about too many guests for the number of cars 👀👀👀

but i could also see something a bit more lovecraftian in nature, or more appalachian/slenderman

i love it!!!

fantastic adventure with great backstory and awesome bestiary!! loved every word!!


well done, 10 of 10, leaving the lights on tonight.

thank you for this update!!

best description of stats i've ever read. this game is a work of art. 10 of 10 would frame and hang on my wall.

thank you!!

this adventure is fantastic and i could see myself running it in multiple different systems, including 5e, cypher, masks, and more! incredibly evocative and descriptive! 

amazing game, all you have to do is make up your own rules!!!! i will never play any other game again

thank you so much!! <3

i wrote a guide to writing one-page rpgs that might be helpful!

if you'd like someone to do a grammar & spelling check of the english version of your game for free, message me on twitter @litzabronwyn when you're done!

this game is absolutely beautiful and allowed me to create a setting with a friend that i now hold incredibly close to my heart. thank you so much. <3


losing my mind over how good this is, how beautifully written 😭

brilliant game. exactly what i need for this christmas. gonna get an early start maybe.

an absolute masterpiece

sometimes a game is so pretty it makes me cry and this is one of them

thank you so much for this comment!! this was so lovely to wake up to. 💗 i really appreciate the feedback and will definitely take a look at improving continuity. thank you again for your kind words! 💗💗💗

thank you so much!!! 💗💗💗

thank you so much!!

please do!! that's no problem at all!

this game fucked me up in the best way. deep, piercing, raw, cathartic. love that it can be played single-player. thank you. <3

thank you!!!

thank you!!! :'D

thank you so much! <333

thank you! <3

thank you!!!

this game is extremely beautiful and designed to be so sleek and compact but with so much information in it. i love all the backgrounds so much; the way they're written makes so much more sense to me than the way skills, spells, and items are described in the original tunnel goons game and i super appreciate that. this is just amazing from start to finish.

absolutely amazing, 10 of 10

this is such a cool game, like legit actually a better futuristic cyberpunk game than any other game i've seen of any length. 100 of 10 stars, the only rpg i want to play!!!!

thank you so much!! <333

this game is freaking amazing on so many levels. i can easily see playing it with my friends and competing in a sort of mini-game for who can get the most negative xp. my husband on the other hand loves the simple osr "give each character a number" direction of the game. tongue in cheek or not, it's brilliant in its simplicity.

fine by me!!

this game is amazing!! so simple and easy to pick up and play even with no prep! i love the use of questions instead of stats! i will definitely be forcing everyone i know to play this with me as soon as possible

thank you so much!! <3

absolutely gorgeous game <333

very freaking cool!!!

that's totally fine! whichever you prefer. if you want to submit late, just message me and i'll add it to the jam even if it's ended <3

thanks so much!! <333


this is SO COOL. i'm going to have to give it a more thorough read soon but i can't believe the sheer amount of content and thought put into this!!! i'm blown away! excellent work!