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that sounds so cool!! i'm glad it served you well! :'D

this is amazing and i love it x3

yay!! i'm so excited for this one; it looks great!

thank you!! i'm so glad you like it and have use for it!

i LOVE this. the play on blackjack is brilliant. <3

truthfully, i don't expect people to follow the instructions. x3 the d12 is a reference to the book, where flare-ups typically happen once a year. if it was me playing, i'd just tear up my card without rolling haha.

this is so lovely <33

this is amazing!!! so immersive and fascinating and poignant. i'm already brainstorming how to incorporate these into my d&d game. thank you!!

When you meet someone and you both have the same color circled (even if you both have other colors circled as well), if you talk long enough to discover something you have in common with each other, you each mark 1 experience point. When you meet someone and you both have the same type of minion circled (even if you have other minions circled as well), if you share a funny quirk of your minion (even if you make it up on the spot), you both mark 1 point of experience. When you meet someone and you have none of the same things circled at all, if you tell each other the secret you have written down, you both mark 1 point of experience. In this way, you have the potential to gain 0-2 XP from each person you meet who has also filled out a card!

I just wrote a guide to making simple two-stat (or other) one-page rpgs that I plan to submit after I pass it by some more eyes!

thank you!!! and yeah, totally! i love that you can make more and more connections as you level up and circle more things on your card x3

Simple World is a guide to creating PbtA games that I find extremely helpful.

that sounds really cool!! i'm so glad you liked it! :'D

thank you so much!! :'D i'm glad you enjoyed it!

oh my god, this is AMAZING. so poignant and enrapturing. i loved every word.

the social commentary of this game is absolutely beautiful <3

i love this SO MUCH. it's so beautiful (especially fireball). i am enthralled. <3