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Haha yep, dangers of being in the public eye...

My plant grew wings! Hehe I like the multitasking, reminds me of warioware

Wow, what an adventure! It's dangerous playing god to the lives of these little plants muahahaha

If you need help finding it...


Add another love interest in notes

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Nice, you're nearly there, that's 5 out of 6! There's still ending 4 to unlock

The 6 endings are 1, 2, 3a, 3b, 3c, and 4, which all have CGs 

Ahh thank you so much!! I love your take about being just another superfan, I was wondering if that would come across! ;)
Haha I have a soft spot for Aero too and I'm glad the other characters endeared you too! 

We actually haven't announced our full release yet (just extra small polish things) but I'm really happy you stumbled upon it and enjoyed it nonetheless!!! Will be due for the major update announcement soon ^^

Hehe thank you for playing and appreciating!

What a mind trip! I love this! Thought I'd be stuck forever but finally got to the spaceship!

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Ooh okay thanks, I think I thought the x meant press x since its a main control button 🤦‍♀️

Is there a way to skip what’s already been played through? 

Is there a way to save? Played through first day, then when I looked in the fridge, I clicked everything and pressed x/y but there was no way to stop looking at it so I quit.

Enjoying the art and dialogue! 28 jobs in 7 years is impressive. Would be great to have different directions for the sprite and a greater radius for picking certain things up, feels like I'm so wide but I can't pick things unless I'm directly in front of it. Maybe an indicator when something can be selected

Haha I love how oblivious the protagonist is! This is cute!

Aww. A sweet, tiny story

Heya the mac version doesn't work for me. I'll try on windows later!

gotcha, look forward to it!

I love the character designs, especially the ones that come up after the big reveal! Appreciate the choice to be honest and enjoyed the whole concept of finding peace ^^ 
Lovely CGs as well!

Hey, I'd love to try this game but it looks like there's no download button anymore?

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This is an artful, poetic, and mindbending experience delving into the philosophy of why different angels fall and end up in the slums.

Ezekiel’s voice is soft, whispery, and haunting, taunting every Angel she claims she loves. 

Not as much a story as it is art, poetry, music and snippets of philosophy pieced together into a fascinating and sometimes confusing mind trip. 

There is a strong use of religious language throughout, later used to goad residents and unravel their idiosyncratic truths. Make the right dialogue choices and twist them into jarring displays of rapidly changing emotion. Ezekial’s words are hypnotic, questioning the depths of the soul, and then suddenly dialing back to the kind of music they like. 

This piece is a category on its own and cannot be judged by typical conventions, since this jarring experience feels like it was designed to pull the player in different directions so they are just as unravelled as the angels Ezekiel speaks to.

Look forward to the final update with end screens instead of the intentionally placed crashes that shut down the whole game after following wrong choices (might be my own mortal limits at comprehending the artistry behind this design).

Beautifully warped soundtrack and effects on the voices.

oooh yeah I can feel that in Penny’s energy for sure! Mascot X streamer mix is really well done! So cool to learn more about the process behind it!

Also forgot to mention but I especially liked the characterization of the guy at the bus too, and the incredibly hostile design of the bus stop. I immediately felt for him and enjoyed seeing him again. Wonder what the opposite would look like, a futuristic nurturing design.

Hahaha I told my bf about the game and he laughed, said he will never live at the office 😆

Quite a freaky ending. I love how snarky Grea is and the general love note to various mythical creatures, from jiangshi to yokai and more!

I really enjoyed the lore embeds in the book, it felt like an immersive, natural way to learn more about reapers and other supernatural creatures! I didn't even realize that reapers aren't death themselves lol. 

The character's responses to all the situations felt believable and it was engaging to see everyone's different theories!! 

Hiiii! Omg your monster art and the CGs are incredible! Congrats on the win!!! 
Happy Halloween!

haha thank you, this is more of an all too real everyday horror. Life of a modern doomscrolling woman 😩

And yes, space bicycle jackets are the way to go! 😎 I love what Bish did with the fashion evolution of Goldie too 

I’m glad you enjoyed it! 

ahh thank you so much!! ❤️

Thank you, this piece deserves the attention!! Happy Halloween 😄🎃

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Gotta grab a hand crank charger with me so I can use my phone in the afterlife… 😆

Wow, what an intense, atmospheric journey! The animated BGs, sprites and CGs add a lot of immersion to this 45k word story (super impressive scope!) I appreciated all the references to Chinese mythology and culture, although I felt like it could be incorporated more naturally in dialogue rather than feeling so expository (e.g. how the MC thought of her ex in nickname form but they randomly greeted each other by full names)

————Spoiler thoughts and feedback————

I’m glad I played through and I enjoyed the experience overall!

In the beginning, I was thrown off by how two exhausted women that hiked for hours and hours (one described as very not outdoorsy) could fend off the monsters in pure physical combat. These ghosts are incredibly terrifying on first appearance but during this fight, they felt weak to me, given how slow and incompetent they are at overtaking weakened chars. Maybe a choice to fight smart rather than a blatant physical stand off would fix this?

The rest of the trials were great! I felt so immersed in the recess room with the dark abyss and trial number two with the knocking suspense. The third trial was interesting too with the boxes and rising water even though the it would be nice to have some player input for the puzzle solving. I loved the flashback scene as well and emotional bonding!

Nearing the end, the calling for divine intervention to get them out of the situation felt much too easy. Couldn’t it have been done this whole time? Maybe there could be an obstacle to doing this so it feels earned and it takes more lead up / intentional decisions to accomplish.


Overall, I love what this VN stands for and I am so glad there’s a wholesome happy ending. The CGs are fantastic and it’s awesome to have more cultural representation. I sincerely hope you continue to develop, smooth out the story and make editing fixes for flow! Below is one of the more wonky grammar examples, which can be fixed by ending the last sentence with *falsehoods. (Quite a few lines like this, but understandable given the immense scope of the script and production.) 

Can’t wait to try any updates or whatever you make next! ❤️ I enjoyed Red Queen too! 

ahhhh love the spooks and the expressions on the chars when they’re scared! I figured out the afterlife game heh, poor milo feeling left out and lashing out 😆 the bickering felt very believable and entering the fort is so fun!

I hope you plan on continuing the story, when it finished I felt like it was just the first puzzle is solved of what should be a longer game 

The evolution of friendship was done so well, even though I’m not sure how old these kids are, sometimes they talk a bit like adults with the word choice hah. Love the jokes and snarks, and all the different responses to every item! Fully voiced too, IMPRESSIVE! 

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Petition for this game to be played by Bezos and other CEOs in order to reflect on the world they are building.

I appreciated the writing, and the smart use of the honest answer option on “not AI” Penny! Love her personality and the way her eyes change with hearts and dollar signs.

The line “a lot of nice guys…it’s like they wait their whole lives for the right haircut, the right-fitting suit” got me too. Hope my corporate bf doesn’t turn out like that LOL

(Also the term wetware for regular human body is great!)

Hehe this is especially cool to see since I wrote a VN before with obstructive UI about a streamer from the future, really cool to see the concept explored in a different way!

I love phoebe and now I gotta eat more veggies so I can do the neck trick!

“Eat your soup in silence, vampire!” ICONIC!

Her ability to grow muscles is hella admirable too

This is such a fun concept, student vlogs at Freakiversity! (Also love how freaked out Casey looks over everything loooool)

A great warning to not trifle through an abandoned witch’s books! How could they not read the fine print XD

What a haunting story! The abandoned witch’s cabin with her eerie spells and the faceless protagonist give off a feeling of a place lost to history! The facelessness of most of the characters does so well in emphasizing how unseen the protagonist feels she and her fellow villagers are compared to Faralda and Odan. (I felt for the villagers that gave up their best food for someone already rich.)

I only wish there was more about the mysterious witch or a longer reflection of sorts before the end.

Spoilers The world and magical phenomena in Shared Beauty has captured my imagination! I wonder if the three of them got Faralda’s beauty after the end. Also if the witch became more wrinkled at times and younger later, does that mean she was killed to return the beauty to others?

Thank you for the passiflora

Wow, felt a pang in my heart when I had to leave the valley! I like how unlike other farming games, these crystals take several lifetimes to grow

Really enjoyable!

I love the chill music and cozy vibes! The characters are so cute, the animations so vibey, and the lines are so charming, like the Mayor wondering if the new tuft is his replacement hehehe

Perfect relaxing game after an intense work sesh (or playing through some intense spooktober games LOL)

Thank you for playing!

I love what you said about the eerie sense of inevitability, I always strive for endings that are unexpected but inevitable!

Totally agree with your take, both sides of the optimism/pessimism spectrum can be unhealthy.

Cygni did awesome directing and bringing everyone’s contributions together, it was a fascinating experience to explore her concept and bring new nuances to the doppelgänger archetype!

Thank you! She finally gets to chill out haha! 😉 That one was my favourite as well, though I enjoyed writing all of them, appreciate you playing through them all!

Thank you so much for playing and appreciating the characters! I’m glad you could emphasize with Mari’s reaction too, especially since it’s easy for most people to brush away her feelings and side with Goldie!

Did you have a favourite ending? It was one of my favourite parts to write and explore alternate spooky ends!

(I’m so impressed by the art and execution of expressions as well, the team did fantastic work!)

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Eeeeee I love animals I am eager to meet them!! 🐦‍⬛🦉🦊 (I must’ve passed the trials* and tribulations too well hahaha)

Oh wow, thank you so much! They are definitely both women of their era.

Evelyn (Y/N) and her fawning of the otherworldly creatures was so well done, I love that you have chars that fully embrace it and others that call it out! The wedding at the beginning was also sooooo well written.

I cannot imagine Mari fawning 🤣 probably the opposite in her head LOL that screen addict. But definitely they both have mental blockers and lots of societal pressures on them!

How macabre and wonderful it is to choose what vegetable head to return to a headless huntsman! I will be replaying to meet the raven, who eluded me this playthrough!

What a darkly enchanting experience this was!

I am enthralled, enchanted, and pleasantly surprised by the depth and delivery of this haunting tale! The whispery VOs in the beginning were positively chilling, the characters fantastical, and the trials full of whimsy and darkness.

Love the inky UI and the faded BGs which worked well with the fairy tale feel. Appreciate the lessons the main character learned along the way (when a spider tells you not to talk badly about yourself, you know it’s time to make a change!)

Was not expecting this much from the thumbnail alone, this piece is hiding such a strong, atmospheric experience!

That’s awesome, I can’t wait to play the rest!