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Thanks for letting me know! I got a better hang of it now!

This is so cute! I liked milking the cows! Not sure what I'm doing wrong but having trouble planting the seeds

Thank you for all the detailed feedback! I really appreciate you trying to win so many times (I’ve been trying too haha)

Yes we are definitely still working on making the game easier, such as reducing the speed of mini games, amount of enemies or increasing damage by the attacks. It’s optional to get all three shifties, although it does help in battle. 

It is meant to start out easy and get progressively harder (tempo game and typing game speeding up for later spells) but right now we are already at the hard part haha so definitely working on that 

Oh so after you cast the spell you need to give the orb to a shifty in order to free them from corruption! There are some hints in the menu and dialogue but I’ll add a note to make that more clear! 

Thanks for the feedback! Can you share a bit more about what you liked/what you found difficult? We are polishing it up right now so any feedback would be helpful! 

I enjoyed how simple this game is! Wish there was a score at the end so I can see myself improve lol. Also feel like I don't fully understand the strategy behind it, since I can't see the whole board. 

Wow the graphics and animation are amazing! They all really pulled me in.
However, it felt like some of the animations should be positive feedback animations when I'm just standing still and not doing anything. Some negative feedback animations would help or general guidance on game feedback. There's also some kind of visual bug that make the screen size way bigger than my screen so I had to zoom out.
So the point of the game is to move to the beat and roll your dice into other blocks? I found it strange how my character could just float off the platform!
It's a cool concept though

I greatly appreciate Swole Slime. Thank you for blessing my day with this guy

It's fun how the controls change! This reminded me of Gris, which also had abilities linked with emotions. I love the board game cafe theme and seeing the pawns everywhere. Would be fun to make the barrels something more board game cafe related too.

I want to try this game, but I have a mac and when I downloaded the mac file, it said it couldn't be opened

Really like this game! I tried the word careen and it said it wasn't valid, but it's a real word! Other than that, love the whole concept. I can type pretty fast so it didn't feel challenging though, if it could go faster I would enjoy playing even more

Wow the art direction here is amazing! Love the music and how everything comes together too. When I selected how to play, there was no way to go back so I had to refresh the page and saw the intro like three times haha 
Enjoy the red, blue, and black colour scheme

I enjoyed the game mechanics and the whole concept of going deeper and deeper underground! The whole setup of having to punish others is really interesting as well! Maybe because I was so looking forward to this, I was taken aback because I wasn't sure what the puzzles had to do with the premise since I don't associate putting certain items on a box with punishing others. I think it's just because the story pulled me in that I had those expectations though, the game mechanic is still fun by itself!

I finally beat this. I seriously love your games so much, from the funny NPCs to the strategy games.

This roomba is too powerful for me >< 
I love all the characters so much though haha

Damn these sassy cats be hurting my feelings XD

I love all the NPCs haha and the wacky dance meowves 

I FINALLY DID IT! I'm not the best at these kinds of games but this was so fun yay i finally beat it!!! This game was inspiring and awesome!

This is such a cool idea, I dig it a lot!

Cool, haven't seen this style of RPG before! The dice reminds me a bit of Lost in Random, you gotta throw a dice to attack. But that one I always land on some useless weapon haha that I am forced to use

So fun, I love the sound effects when you jump on the mushroom haha
Really clean and polished!

thank you!! 

haha same kind of vibe definitely, big brother is watching! 

Glad you had fun. Haha, maybe he’ll tell you next time 😉

Haha thanks for making such a fun game! And the hops actually grew on me a bit after a while, might just be not what I'm used to ^ ^

It feels SOOOOOO satisfying to beat a level. Awesome job

Simple but so much fun!! Cute little sneks  
At first I kept using arrow keys and then realized I was just skipping levels haha!
I enjoy puzzle games a lot, and this is one of my favs of all time!

I love how high you can jump in this game and the hat is cute. I love playing cute games ^^
Thank you for being marginally impressed by me haha

So cutee reminds me of maplestory jump quests, very relaxing and I've never faced an adorable bunny villain before

Same here, the ghosts are so cute, had to say hi!

The bunny is so cute and I love how the Underground text was moving in rainbow! The maze is a lot of fun to travel through. For some reason I found it annoying hopping around so slow, but love everything else and all the movements of the maze. The ghosts are so cute I went over to greet them and died haha. Gonna keep playing but loving it a lot!

This game was morbid and kind of funny the way you're a worm burrowing into somebody. I interpreted it as more of dark humour until I read the description and realized this was based on real life events. 

I actually found the game fun and not sad at first, reading the playfully dark lines and staying away from the flies. It feels weird to give any actual critique or feedback because this jam was done during such a heart-wrenching time in OP's life.
I was fascinated by the way the writing was revealed, and it inspired me to want to explore a mechanic like that too. I think it would be great to see words revealed in the order of player movement than just left to right. Or if a sentence read front and back had different meaning. There's so many possibilities, like giving an indication of the order of words.

Thank you for creating this thoughtful piece!

Thank you! I checked out the game you mentioned and it looks very interesting! 

thank you thank you! 

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed, and for sure we’re going to update with audio soon!

Yay I beat it! (Or the first loop anyway) Cute game!! I like the story behind it

I love the music and atmosphere underground. Spent way too long finding the flashlight at first though... I definitely got lost underground and didn't know where to go. Enjoyed the 'NPCs rehearsing their lines' loading bark and chatting with the cockroaches and the headless guy haha 

Thank you very much! It was a ton of fun to write and draw and I can’t wasn’t for us to incorporate the music, the SFX for the ad and surveillance is amazing.  Haha for some reason 3/4 of our team members had power outages, luckily for our programmer it was just 1 minute. Just like the underground hacker in this game racing against a timer, I was racing against my draining battery and spotty network to upload art 😂

Very cute ^ ^
Adorable toadstool hat

Thank you so much! Happy you enjoyed it!