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I played through your game, and although there's room for improvement I thought that it was pretty good for a first game that you made. I included some suggestions for improvement near the end of the video, and perhaps you could think of some other things to improve on based on my struggles throughout the Also I just noticed from the description of the game above that you can sprint but only when being in danger...not sure why that wasn't really working for me but I managed to get to the end. Anyway, overall this was not a bad first game, it has a lot of potential.

Here is my gameplay for anyone that's interested. Thank you for your time and have a nice day! :3

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Wow. Your game was amazing; the music, art, and story were all so well done. I managed to get two of the four possible endings in this game. I read elsewhere that the other two endings that I didn't get were very similar to the ones I got but just slightly different. Anyway, I love how your games always have deep meaning to them. Thank you for creating this game!

I made a gameplay for this visual novel for anyone that's interested in watching! Have a nice day! :)

You're welcome, and thanks for watching! :3

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I played your game and it was pretty fun! I like how you took an interesting twist with horror and implemented some comedic features to it. The game had some funny bits here and there but it can still be scary at times! For a first game I think you did a pretty good job compared to some other horror indie games I've seen in the past. Nice game and keep up the good work!

Here's my gameplay for anyone that's interested in watching. :)