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Wow! Everything about this horror game was great! I liked the music, graphics, atmosphere, interface, and mechanics of the game. A lot of other horror games use mechanics that are slightly repetitive (e.g. flashlight, lighter, camera, phone, etc) but the use of a sewing needle in this game was very different and unique. Plus the story made sense and was touching. I can't wait until the full version is released, keep up the awesome work! I've made a gameplay for this game if anyone is interested in watching. Thank you for your time!


We're so glad you had a good experience LittleLotusKitty, and really appreciate your positive feedback! The team especially liked to hear your thoughts on our interface, as we've worked to make it as minimal and sleek as possible :)

You really did a great job with the game demo so far, minimal and sleek is definitely better than overly complex and convoluted. Thanks for the reply and keep up the good work! :D