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Here you go :)

man this game is a blast, it's just a fever dream and i love it!! i bursted out laughing when you hit me with the bet on it :D i wish it was longer so we could have even more story, it's just such a nice concept and the plot strings you began and teased would be awesome to explore more of them. btw is there any way to bring others together? piscis and tauro for example? and how can i find out why scorpio doesn't like tauro (is that bc of zodiac sign stereotypes or bc of piscis?) and to mend that?

ah thanks for the info! but yeah i agree, it's just such a pity, bc this game had so much potential and quality and i feel like with the game they could have established themselves as a game dev team on like lunaris or wanderlust etc. but now so many ppl just lost their trust (for very understandable reasons). i haven't invested any money so for me it's more like just disappointment but i can understand how and why others who even backed them up, are angry and frustrated. I too think even if they didn't have the time or nerve or something like that, to write an update here, the very least they could have done is to just update this site and just write: Indefinite Hiatus. Because then we know and people who find the game right now will also know to not play the demo or at least to not get their hopes up.

Hey :), do you know whether they have been updating something on discord the last 6 months?

played this today! really liked it, cause i loved the main game as well! the interactions were so cute and i love how they're trying to better their relationship. i just hope wyatt and liam get to make new christmas traditions as brothers and i also loved to the wholesome moments between kyro and both of them respectively. i kinda would love to see more about stellan as well, so i wouldn't mind a story for him as well :D

You are tearing me apart Lisa!  the room reference, i love it!!

ooh i really like it so far; the music is very beautiful, the characters intriguing and the sprites so wonderful and also animated!! very excited to see more of them! :)

I hope everyone saw this but this game moved to another site :) i myself only discovered it today!! 

Thank you for your hard work! So excited for episode 5!!!

i'm definitely excited for this!!

damnnnn, I'm so hyped!! but yeah take the time, stressing over wouldn't be good for anyone so yeah thank you for your hard work!

can't wait to play it!!

I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised since I'm normally not playing /reading stories with vibes like this one. I am very curious for the story I must say, the mysteries in this prison and its really intrigued me with the characters. Tbh I'm even more curious for the story then the romance, since I'm still kinda wondering how the whole vibe of romance will be in a prison game like this, where its not really romance at first but more "business". So i'm curious to see how you'll manage it. Romance wise I'll definitely play rex and reavor, and probably vera too, but character wise I think everyone is interesting! Viz is definitely not an option for me and I'm kinda scared of xeno too but at the same time i think his character is intriguing.


my theories so far: rin timber maybe has some kind of split personality or maybe he's even fully aware of this side of him which is pretty horny and as far as i got it, everyone knows about it. He's far stronger and more dangerous than he let on, because if someone like viz is calling him a monster and didn't kill him yet, then there's a reason. I also feel like rin is maybe behind those half eaten bodies for various reasons. also His sentence is even higher than the one of a psycho cannibal so there has to be something with him and i'm curious to see what it is. Same with xeno. He's dangerous and lol i always was scared that if he was touched with the finger he'll just bite through the finger . I'm looking forward to see what powers he has. I'm thinking about maybe some psychic manipulation etc. powers. he's sucking life energy through seducing and manipulating his victims by beeing directly connected skin to skin. I'm also intrigued to know who kai is and what happened with him. what vera's deal is with this prison. He also kinda comes off as really possessive in a sense. Or who the other earthling is? Maybe he also plays a role? If i'm not completely off, cause first i thought maximus and vera were humans but that's not the case? so who is the other earthling besides miguel? Lastly reavar's curse I'm very interested in, because he obviously hates viz but still does everything he's ordered to do. And i want to break it because when i saw first that the two were a team i was a bit disappointed in reavar cause viz is my personal enemy in this game :D (even though i'm getting very suspicious of rin and his possible plans too) but now that i know that he despises him as well , i can romance him.

thanks for coming to my ted talk!  you have done an incredible job (like you always do) and I'm excited for the full game!

yeah I’m happy for them too but at the same time I’d have loved to see this later with both of those, after choosing to play Cupid and not directly like this, cause Damon’s route feels less real to me. Ughh i’m so bad at finding the right words to explain it while writing it. Lol if it was a face to face talk with a friend in German,I’d go off😂😂

honestly i totally feel you! though i wouldn't recommend you eavesdropping on the conversations in the other routes except you're really good differentiating, bc otherwise it will kinda break your heart a bit

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yeah I agree with that. Personally I don’t have anything against when ppl that aren’t in my route find a love interest throughout the story.  I don’t like the idea of them being hopeless in love with the mc,  just like annamatoe said. But just like you said, when their whole past and feelings towards another person changes and is like that in all routes/universes just in the one you play the specific characters route it’s not like this, it feels as if your route isn’t really canon. So in case of Damon I’d have preferred that in the other routes he's cool with her too like when I play his route and then maybe them falling in love throughout or at the end of the story (when i play other routes then damon's) if the mc helps or smth like this, instead of getting to realize that she’s basically his soulmate in all routes apart from his own and that they're madly in love and would probably even get together this instant if it wasn't for the circumstances. And this makes me feel like I’m the intruder. 🙈 

shit i didn't know what you meant bc i first played his route but right now i play bash's and i wish i didn't eavesdrop, their scene kinda broke my heart a bit. now i'm like " what should i do" in damon's route there haven't been any romantic feelings for a long time and in all other route's and parallel universes he's madly in love with her and she too. :((

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spoilers ahead:

I love this update so much! honestly i'm so excited everytime i play this wonderful story! Every character is so freaking awesome and interesting and i knew since the first chapters that i will play everyone's route and this wish hasn't wavered for one second. It's more like who should i play first? I mean it's pretty clear to me that damon will be first and bash second since they are my ultimates but still the other one's biaswreck each other all the time! 

Bash is so incredibly sweet, irl i'd 100% go for someone like him. He's so talented, and skilled in so many areas. Cooking, baking, drawing, building, being hot and fun but also super nice to talk to! his drawings he gave the mc and that he did all over the ship: in the pilot room, in the room where they hold vexx,etc. are so adorable

Alisa and Zane really do seem intriguing (i ship those two a lot), the thing with the scar left me so shook ,i had to regain myself for a moment?!! I love how she acknowledged the crush my mc has on damon and was kinda supportive with her "good luck" and  also like a friend saying "don't break his heart or else". I also love how their dynamic is.  She's like an older sister, giving him her piece of mind and scolds him for being a jerk and he does too. But at the same time both of them are so protective over one another!! I really like seeing that. Not gonna lie i teared up seeing that wholesomeness!!  I still want to know more about her and damon though and what exactly happened. Cause like this you can't really picture them ever being romantically involved together. 

(lol future me: now that i played bash's route and chose to eavesdrop it's more like i can't believe that they are just friends in damon's route-I would have preferred the feelings of alisa/damon in all other routes to be like the feelings they have for each other in damon's route and then being able to decide to let the mc help them fall in love together throughout/the end of the story. Bc as it is rn,it's like the mc is intruding and that their route with damon is less canon bc damon and alisa are basically madly in love at this point of the story in all routes apart from when you choose damons route and idk it kinda feels like damon's route is less likely to believe bc in all other universes damon and alisa would probably be already together at this point if not for the circumstances and then you have to believe in damon's route that there's no feelings involved anymore which is kinda hard to feel and believe when you see them together in the other routes. so yeah i'd have preferred alisa and damon to be friends in all routes at this point and then maybe in other routes than damons you could choose to introduce the possibility of him and alisa being a side couple when you have this conversation with him as he apologies and gives the music box back (which was so cute btw!) and you could maybe say they're cute or whatever and then he dismisses it , saying they are just friends while blushing and you and the mc knows there's a possibility to bring them together or smth. like that ) 

I hope we'll see more of alisa and also her and zane,  in the future! also i want more banter between her and my mc. bless this woman for being so supportive

hanging out with bash and ayame is so much fun! I loved ryona's and damon's unexpected team(work) and i'm continuing to look forward to the different team dynamics :D

I also was anticipating and really excited when damon and vexx finally reunited. i love the jealousy going on between him and damon too with the mc. Also i'm very curious to find out  how everything went down with vexx, cause i'm sensing that there are some misunderstandings and bigger things involved. Also want to know what alisa and damon noticed but the mc didn't. was he tortured or brainwashed or is he being blackmailed? furthermore i hope that he gets on the "good" side again even when he/it isn't the love interest/his route!! i wouldn't like not being able to help just bc i'm not his love interest 

I love how my mc was so boss. Securing the deal, being strong and showing what he's got. I'm really invested in getting to know more about him and his family and all the planets and what kind of impact his family had. And how he'll be as a navigator for the ship! 

The writing is so captivating!! like excuse me, i'm smiling,blushing and straight out laughing like a maniac when mc shares cute moments with everyone or when alisa and damon have this conversation about him opening up to the mc but also to the crew! the BUILD UP is 10/10! can't imagine how the emotional rollercoaster will come for me if things get serious ;)   and at other times i'm just speechless about all the information i get, crying at the tragic things that happen and have happened. I'm glad june and mc talked. it's so barbaric and inhuman what was done to him and jules. and chapter five will probably give us even more infos about orion and june's past

that being said, now i'm excited to try the other options and routes since i just played chapter 4 once yet  and now i want to know how things are different with other personality choices, the shooting, the kid and the love interests!! 

Thank you very much for your hard work! :)

I'm so excited !!

completeley get that and agree! my comment was more for those that complained about the other characters :)

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I'm excited to see how everything develops on from here. It's good that no character is perfect. It's understandable, not necessarily right how some reacted but it's realistic. As cheesy as it sounds: Nobody is perfect. And that's why this game is here. It will show their development, their changes. The Andromeda Six Team needs to learn, that not every part of the royal family is and was to blame for what happened to their planets and their lifes and simultaneously the mc has to learn about the true extent of his families (more like father and uncle) impact and what they have caused by doing nothing or doing something while harming. Of course I also want to see them mutually respect each other (at times tell each other off when someone is saying/doing something that's not okay) and learn from each other.

I'm looking forward to them growing as a team, them learning about each other and accepting each other. I know the situation right now seems more than devastating but it's realistic and it wouldn't be if everyone had acted neutral to it and if nobody had blamed the mc (that's just not how strong emotions work). Then there wouldn't be any need for change in their characters, but that is important. (i don't mean a full 180 cause that's even more unrealistic but more like they have to come to terms with their past and I'm more than ready to see that gradually while playing the story).

Okay i agree with your first part! With another episode it would have been less sad and overwhelming. But i think it's more than far fetched to say that the whole crew hated and blamed him for what happened apart from Cal. In fact there were only  two guys that weren't on the mc's side.: Damon & June. And even though June did go off like that, which is not right but understandable and he knows that he's not in the right about making the mc part of this, BUT even though he's conflicted, he still was rejecting the idea of damon. The other ones did too: bash, ayame, cal, ryona, all of them showed that they still protect the mc. It's unfair to just dismiss that.

Also i don't know if we both read it differently but when all of the people talked about their past, they didn't blame the mc, but his family. And tbh that's more than right. They also said that this may be a difficult situation but they won't dislike the mc just because they are part of the royal family. 

I do however agree that it was kinda surprising that the characters and their roles for this whole situation were chosen like that. June as the guy that can't handle the truth or cal as the person that's seemingly neutral about it. I didn't expect that either since i thought that maybe cal or ryona would be the one's not handling the truth well. But i kinda like it, because the most are kinda surprised of how the roles changed and that is good. It's better to see unexpected sides of a character since we all think in these tropes it's out of character when someone does something that's not fitting his "character", when in fact he portrays are person and a person is more than "coldhearted distanced" or "loyal, friendly and helpful" etc. Idk if i explained it so that one can understand but i think it's good to go out from the fixed character personality trope from time to time. :)

yeah the chasing part i fully agree with! I hope there will be some kind of oppurtunity for damon to basically tries to "impress" the mc instead of the mc doing it. Then again i think it's kinda difficult to display it, because we as the mc control the story and so we kinda have to press for the romance ourselves if you know what i mean. Hopefully there still will be a way for the mc to also distance herself and then damon chases her. That would be cool, too onesided is never good

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I kinda get what you mean. I want to know too whether the race thing was just for more customization purposes or whether that will make any difference. Personally I'm okay with both. 

With the character personality I would like to know whether it makes a long-lasting difference that you have chosen the emotional/aloof/strong option and whether that determines anything. But i do think that those option will shape something, but not for now but for the future of the mc if you get what i mean. But also just to say those character shaping things are normally not to expect in every visual novel. The VN that really put their focus on something like that, they will have this in their game bio. I agree i love them more with this kind of option too. But for me it's more like a bonus not a necessity 

Btw check out their tumblr. I think I've seen a bit of info on these things there :)

I guess they were because he didn't act any different. For me it was quite understandable too. We all knew the very first scene we met Damon, that he is an ass, very cold and distanced. And I also do think that at this point of time in the game, Damon still doesn't see the mc as a person that is invaluable for him.  At this point they flirt together but that doesn't mean anything romantic at this point. I think that that is realistic. I would be kinda mad, if someone as distanced and cold-hearted like Damon would be this close after only two episodes. That wouldn't be realistic. So for me the way he acted does make sense. I think when they become closer, he'll gradually will come to change to an extenct of course (no one changes completely). But as of for now I think it's good that they made Damon not change anything in his behavior and that he still doesn't trust the mc. Because if we think about it. They all are mercenaries. And as harsh as this might sound, I do believe that the crew would have at least discussed his proposal if they haven't had known the mc and came to know this fact. But since the most of the crew are kindhearted and they already knew the mc by then, this proposal was out of question. But Damon isn't like this, so he won't just trust someone/get attached to someone just because they flirted a little and have known each other for a while. But I'm 100% sure once they really established this trust, he will the most caring and protective boyfriend. 

egal, enough of the ted talk :D have to get back to studying

I definitely agree with the "giving our piece of minds" option. And yeah I do think that there's still so  much we don't know about him and the others. That was just the introduction i feel like.  They all did talk about their pasts but some of them really just shortly and not with any details. And yeah i think so too, we'll get to know a bit more about damon in the next episode. I also have the feeling that maybe we'll meet the girl that was teaching him stuff as a kid. I'm really excited!!!

I kinda get that people feel like that this was rushed with the background stories but for me personally i think this overwhelming feeling was purposefully made. Like everything comes crashing down on them: their past, the betrayal, the tragic life stories etc.. Like this feeling we probably all had at some point: feeling shitty and then just shit keeps piling up with even more problems, situations etc. So i thought of this episode, as something like that.

I agree that maybe it does come off as unnatural since everyone were talking about their stories back on back, but at the same time i think it was the perfect opportunity to explain why they reacted the way they did when the mc came out as a royal. I also do think that they didn't reveal that much. I think that there will be a lot more to learn about them and about the details and how maybe things were connected etc.

I agree for me it would have been the perfect thing if they would have told the mc when their homeplanets would have been visited. So something like: oh here was when that and that happened, showing them around whilst telling the mc about their past. That would have been the ideal thing (for me) but i do think that something similar will happen in future episodes and i think given the fact that in some of the upcoming episodes we'll get to pick our love interest, it does make sense that like the general "gist" of their past was revealed. Plus like i said, i kinda have the feeling that there will be a lot more revealed that we don't know yet. 

Could be but Nah, i don't think so. I think that there will be something with him, vexx and zovack but i don't think that he'll do this. I also am disappointed that damon said it, but i think for someone like him, someone that lived his life in hell ( we'll probably get to know even more in the upcoming episode) I think it's not surprising to grow up to be a cold and rational, ruthless guy like this. He probably faced so many shitty ass humans in his life so why should he already trust the mc after knowing them for like two weeks or so.  He's a person that needs to change this attitude, i agree, but at the same time it'd be out of character for him not to at least name this idea. It's not something that he'll overcome over night. 

I also think that yeah, He proposed it, but he also immediately knew that no one would agree so it was just him and his personality thinking about a rather rational and cold way and also don't forget: these guys are mercenaries not civilians, they think like that. I'm 100% sure half of them at least thought about this for a second. Yeah they are more human and less ruthless and cold as damon so of course they immediately discard it but that's the thing: Damon is a guy shaped by his past. Like all of them. But certain factors, traits and circumstances, influences made him to a cold guy, closing off anything that could tie him down, anything that could get him attached and that could trigger his emotions that he hides in some far away corner. All of them could have potentially been like him with pasts like that. But they all got some second chance, someone /something that saved them. That and the fact that they all have different traits, it's clear that some grow up to be the positive, the kind way like ayame for example and some end up like damon. 

That being said, you're definitely entitled to not liking him. But me personally, i want to see his character development. I think he's a coldhearted person, but i also think that all of them are messed up in some kind of ways and i just want to see their whole stories and their development and how they will (hopefully) " make peace" with their past.

I thought about the home planets too and I really hope they take that kinda route like you said. Seeing from where they come from, why they are the way they are and how the royal family is linked to their messed up past but I'm really excited to see all this and i also hope to see that the mc is apologizing in behalf of his family with the promise to make it better, for all the people suffering, his friends from the crew and his sister nerissa ( that is if he's going to become the king at the end)

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Yeah totally I agree with you !! Honestly they are pretty reasonable considering that a lot of their personal fates were a consequence by how the royals were not caring or (not)  handling the situations in their home planets.

But for me it was surprising that he out of everyone was the one opposed to it the most.  I mean after hearing his story it obviously made sense to me and i understand it 100% but my surprised reaction was more like that i expected the captain to be the character to react like that or before the episode aired i thought because of ryonas bio and the sentences for episode three that she would be the one that wouldn't handle the truth that well. So for me it wasn't that i didn't understand it, because i obviously totally agree with their anger and frustration and understand him, it was more that it surprised me in terms of who the person will be, that isn't handling it well

Exactly! I thought about the scars for a second but somehow i didn't connect them but yeah now that you've said it!

 Something is going on and i'm kinda suspicious about damon and the blood. I can't help but think that damon met vexx and let him run because something is there and we don't know about it yet and not gonna lie my mind crossed the thought about how damon maybe is some kind of spy for zovack.

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Honestly this was soo good. Directly starting the episode with the continuation of that big cliffhanger and then all that happened with vexx, to the big revelation, this episode was so unbelievably exciting and full of suspense. 

This episode just showed again how talented and hardworking your whole team is and I'm falling in love even deeper with all of these wonderful characters. My two main love interests are still damon and bash but honestly it's awesome that I've found a visual novel that makes me want to play every route and i sure will. All of them have a story to tell and I'm totally here for it. The overall story is so important from a cultural and socially view point.

I loved all the one on one scenes in the first two episodes but I did in fact see that the mc and the potential love interests have ''moved closer'' in this episode  and my heart was beating so much, my face was blushing hard. I love it when something is written that well that i can simply feel everything the scene wants to convey! Everything else was amazing too. The CG, the flow, the music and the overall smoothness. 

Honestly i was surprised with how one in the team reacted (don't want to spoiler) and wouldn't have expected that reaction but that just wants me to know their story even more.

Also I know shits going down right now but I can't help but think how well vexx and damon could get along with each other. Kinda want to see that. I also just realized the drawings of bash in the pilot room and I love it :D and the thing on cal's neck. 

Thank you for this amazing game <3 i can't wait for the next episode, cursa, damon and the potential person from his past ?!?? ( lol i'm just theorizing...unless...)

Yeah I'm so excited and looking forward to this episode :D thank you for your hard work!!!

how did i only just now realize that leo and griffith don't have the same last name

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can't believe that i only just now discovered your game ! I'm very much looking forward to begin playing but i already can tell that this will be a gem and a rare case of me playing all routes as all of them seem like interesting and fun characters with amazing yet emotional stories 

but not gonna lie, I already know who my favourite is and whose route I'll play first: DAMON all the way - not only is he basically my type on paper (love island reference) but i also love the name damon :D

Edit: wow! I've played the demo and I'm head over heels, this is, just as I expected, a gem!! I just can't find the right words but I'm already addicted to this game and story and the characters already have a special place to me. I'm very excited about playing their routes and seeing what happens with my mc's memories and the secret person etc. 

I love the character design, the art, the music, how well everything is scripted and harmonizes well together and also how smoothly the transitions are! The writing is amazing. It is fascinating and beautiful to me how one can capture so much emotions and provide the reader with so much material at the same time that i vividly can imagine the tension between the mc and the other characters. Not just in the main story itself but also when e.g. damon interacts with my mc - like I'm blushing like crazy with all the tension and vibing i get from his dialogues and the narrative writing (but the same goes for the other characters too) - 10/10 would recommend! ;)

I just finished playing the demo and i was blown away to say the least: I'm very intrigued by the suspenseful story, I love the writing, the characters are very interesting and hot. The gameplay was smooth, fluent and i had a lot of fun. The art was beautiful: the characters as well as the backgrounds. The music was harmonizing as well 

I can't wait to see what happens next, what the both of them hide behind their perfectly made masks/faces (very handsome ones if i may add). I'm  also looking forward to the personality stats!!

Great job :)))

ooohh :) I'm very interested and excited ;))

omg I'm really looking forward to this !! Especially for damians good ending after story! Thank you for making this :)

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