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The game is cool, I like it. I wouldn't say that is scary, but it's creepy and has a good atmosphere. The idea of Garfield as this eldritch entity is always interesting to see, because it is weird, lol

Also, here is a video if you are interested in watching someone else play the game, in case you already played it or are too scared to play it yourself >:3

Your software is unbelievable! I can finally record with my animated avatar! I no longer have to animate it frame by frame as I used to. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU~!!!

I will link this program in all the videos I use it with, and I will link to your Patreon as well! You made me such a happy guy!!! You deserve to be able to live a comfortable life from this program for many many years!

Again, thank you!!!!

Welp, to the devs: this game is awesome, you did an amazing job, you got me good a couple of times. Now, to the avarage reader, check out my gameplay if you want, I'm pretty sure you will like it, thank you ;) (Also download the game, is worth it)

This game was awesome! Can't wait for the full release! I loved Lucy so much! Such a cute little dog, nothing anomalous or supernatural with her :3

I like it, it had a good atmosphere, keep doing games, you really nail the retro aesthetic.

I loved the atmosphere, it is really well made. I really enjoy this game, although a little too short, it has the right amount of scares and suspense.

First of, I loved the game, the story is amazing and it has a really interesting atmosphere! But for the love of god take out the "story" of the front page, it ruins the surprise and the twist! This game could have been so much better if I had known nothing about it (I read a little of the story but realized it was showing too much so I stop reading and jumped to play). Let the game show the story, don't explain it in its totality to the soon to be player in your front page.

Thank you for watching!!! :D The other chapters will be out in a dayly fashion, so part 2 tomorrow :3

It is criminal that this game is free, it is amazing! The stories are great, the characters are great, the aesthetic, oh the aesthetic, it is superb! It remind me to The Last Door, a game I loved, and this one is, no doubt, asking for a steam release!

I love it! It was a lot of fun to play! Sometimes I was a little lost, but once you discover what to do everything is like "Dhu, it was obvious :P"

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I have to say that your games are always awesome (long time fan of your works)! I love the beautiful characters and their lovely story! Thank you for writing the story and sharing it with us!

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This was a really interesting game, it is amazing how you used the glitch aesthetic to say that something is off about the whole ordeal. I love it!

This game is awesome! I look forward for the full release, just like IGP, haha!
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I need the full game! Sexy demons, good dialog, what else there is to ask?! I love it!!!

Amazing game, I loved the story. It is so difficult to imagine to have a partner with those mental problems, but you made me feel it: the guilt, the feeling that it is one's fault, when, in reality, it isn't, you just got put in the worst possible scenario.

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This game was a lot of fun, and it got me good, I jumped in my seat the first time I saw the monster. Good job with the cosmic horror theme, you created a good atmosphere. I would have just made the house a little more believable, you know, put more windows, more closed rooms, and stuff, it is supposed to be a manor after all.

You got me good with the closet one, I don't even understand what was so scary about that part but t got me good. I loved the game and the little story bits that are given to the player, little bits that help one understand who you are, and what you do :D

This was awesome! I want more! The characters are great, the ambiance is chilling and scary, and the story feels amazingly crafted! I look forward to the full release!

This game nails the SCP vibes perfectly, I loved every second of it. It is nice to see a horror game with a "happy" ending for a change. I would have loved to have more info about the monster, you know, SCP style, but the mystery is also welcome and appreciated. Great job!

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen reading this! I'm the Lost Chevalier, your humble narrator in this, my review, of this game. Because this is a paid game I will put all my effort to give it a fair and accurate review, so let's jump into it.

The basic review: the game is good, it has a lot of replayability and the potential to be responsible for hours and hours of fun. I would say that the price is a little too high (but this is debatable, the game has a ton of features, and I mean a TON), but now that it is on sale it is a very good game to have in your library.

The more advanced review: The game is a side-scroller shooter with roguelike elements (after two stages you can choose a perk that accompanies you for the rest of the run). The enemies have a health bar that you need to drain in order to defeat them (with more than one shot unless you have, like in my case, the crossbow) , and they all have their own AI and special attacks. Every two stages one encounters a boss, who represents a unique challenge, using different special attacks and patterns of engagement. The world of the game is creative and full of color, reminiscent of the one in the Stickmin series.

There are tons of weapons, some of which have special effects, like homing bullets, explosive bullets, triple bullets, all of witch are limited in amount and, despise appear to be a ton, they can run out (in other words: you need to have good aim).

They are a lot of characters to choose from (once you do some stuff to unlock them), and they all have a special ability, like a flashbang, a lasso, or a bomb (to name a few), these are things that can give you an edge or take you out of a sticky situation.

There are even tons of "mods" that can be applied to the runs, like the difficulty that goes from hardcore to EXTREME, and a ton of other stuff to play with, once unlocked.

Overall, the game is a ton of fun, and I will be playing it in my free time in order to beat it and unlock more stuff. Do I recommend you to buy it? Well, yes, it's a ton of old school arcade fun. If you like side-scrollers go for it, you will not be disappointed.

So, this game was fun, it was interesting, and the infrasounds were... weird, my ears felt funny for a moment. The story is good, and I like the twist at the end. I did the survey by the way, it was fun to fill up, haha!

A cute little encounter between two magical girls! This game is awesome and it plays with the "gamey" aspects of these kinds of games. As always, NPCKC nocks it out of the park with a little, and interesting, cute adventure.

Come check me out if you read this far, I'm the Lost Chevalier, come and watch me voice act the little magical mascot, I had a lot of fun with it :P

Good afternoon! Let us talk about the game: this game was cute, entertaining, and informative. I love it! As always, the games by npckc are just amazing! Give it a try, you, good reader, give this game a go and enjoy its beautiful story and, perhaps, after playing it, go watch me play it and react to it too!

Have a good day :D

So, this game, I like it, but it has a point that I can't take off my head: the main character came across as someone mean, like, really mean. I get it, he might evolve in the course of the story, but from what I have seen in the demo he is so mean that it scratches the line of being callous. I mean, I think that the idea of sacrificing a raccoon was all good until the time it is revealed that it is a mother, but instead of changing his mind, the kill is still insisting that wants to sacrifice the creature like a bloodthirsty fanatic and that is a little f*** up. I felt more sympathy for the sister than for the main character.

I would recommend making him more likable, it is not necessary to change too much, just enough to make him not be a monster, for example, have him change his mind when he sees that the raccoon is a mother, showing that there is a line that one must not cross. Or maybe change the quest, instead of having to hunt the sacrifice have him fish (and show us that mechanic while you are at it) You know, I imagine that a god in the middle of an island would like fish more as a sacrificial offer.

Well, that are my thoughts, I was The Lost Chevalier, signing out! :)

I love it! As always your characters are full of life! Your style of making games is impeccable!
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This game is exactly what I needed! I can't believe how much I was being flustered and blushing, I literally melt in every turn and every word. You really catch the spirit of the original characters! Thank you so much for making this demo available!

(Edit, I accidentally uploaded the wrong video, now it is the correct one)

Now, ladies and gentlemen, come watch me have a meltdown playing this game, come heard my awesome voice, and watch me melt every two minutes. You will enjoy it! ;)

Ha, ha, ha, ha! I love this game! The story, the yokes, the voice acting! It was all great! Good job Timore, Abbey, and Aaron (and Derek), you did an amazing game! To anyone else reading this, give this game a go and, after that, because the game is better enjoyed without spoilers, go watch me play it. I was The Lost Chevalier, signing out!

So, first of all: this game is good, very good, go and download it now if you like top-down RPG games, you will find a jewel here. Now, about my video and my experience, the game is pretty good and I had fun with it, I love it actually. The mechanics are good and the encounters with enemies are tense and meaningful. Yes, I went to a high-level area being underequipped and underprepared, but it was fun nonetheless. Check this game out!

I was a good boy!!! I love this game! I will be waiting to play the full game once it comes out :D

This game was bizarre but amazing. I never expected something like this. It was awesome!
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This was an amazing game! I even had a philosophical breakdown (that last series of questions and answers were so amazing and unexpected), I love it! I like the characters and that twist at the end (and the middle if you speak thy name), was spectacular! I will love to see more games like this! Good job!

This game is really good, it has deep to it with all the research mechanics and the unlockable towers. The waves are fun to keep fight and the world is beautiful. Good job!

For the rest of you out there reading this, come and watch me play the game, it will give you an idea of how the game works, also, you will be hearing my awesome voice ;3

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I died, but the game is wonderful and really creative! I would only change one thing: don't say that the people starve to death, the whole aestetic of the game doesn't support this horrible outcome (this doesn't feel like a frostpunk). Wouldn't be better to put that the people just abandon the tribe and they were all scater and fallow their separate ways? I mean, I found it more beleiveble that they all just leave rather than stay and die of starvation. Other than that this is a game with a lot of potential!

And my answer for the survey:

So, this game was nice, I like it! I would have played a little more with the cementery layout in order to make it feel more like a cementery and less like a ladder to the end. But still, its an awesome game and I love the voice actor!

So, this game, it wasn't good, but it wasn't bad eather. I would recomend to pulish the story a little more, I mean, 15 years is a lot of time, maybe put the time to 5 months or something. Plus, I would transform the idea of a "street" into a mansion, I just didn't find the idea of a whole street desaparing and nobody taking the time to investigate too believable. The monster design was good, I give you that, it was a good monster.
Well, that's all I have to say.

It's a shame that it's only a demo, it has so much potential! I hope you find the time and have the resourses to transform this into a full lenght game, it was awesome! Sosig and Chook are such an amazing duo!

So, this is a really short game, and it is a prototype. Still, the game has potential, if the devs would want it they can create a much deeper game out of this. For example, the idea of having the family members in the home with you was really something unexpected, I was waiting to find only empty rooms. Great job with the game, I hope you pass the course! :D

I was promised a pole dance function and nice ladies to make me company! I inteed had a jumpscare and a psichological horror game >:( worst cabaret ever!
Jokes aside, the game is awesome, give it a chance. And give me a chance too, watch my video, enjoy my voice, my beautiful voice, and have fun watching me get scared one time (only one, ha!)