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I block to the installation of "gradle" ... :D


Game only fills up a quarter of the window on macOS on retina displays Right click on the MewnBase app -> Get Info -> and turn on "Low Resolution Mode". I'll try to see if I can fix this soon so that it's enabled by default.

macOS version just hangs on a blank screen on launch
This usually seems like an issue with macOS's security quarantining.  Moving the app into another folder sometimes seems to help. You can also install and run the game through the Itch Desktop Client, which won't have this issue.

Yes but it is not very logical to activate the machines through a wall.

The goal is to add the machines inside.
And maybe have indoor drones, and outdoor drones.
It makes more sense, and adds a level of evolution in the game.

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It might be interesting to have an inside view, and an outside view.

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The idea that everyone had, but I put it in image.

Create the rooms and their contents independently.

And thus, to be able to add machines in the rooms, after putting the rooms.
In exchange, it is impossible to control the machines through the walls.

To be sure, I repeat. (because I do not write English)

1. Create the room.
2. We put it.
3. Create the storage.
4. We put it, outside or inside (the same !).

The classic case with the storage :

Easy !

More ? :

But obviously not for everything. :

With an indication at the time of crafting. :

Thank you for your attention :)