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Honestly, this was fantastic. When I first played I was terrified by the sounds, you did a good job on that. It was interesting that you could change between 2D & 3D, very cool concept. The game also seems to be...easy? I mean, I only had to play it 8-10 to finish and decorate everything. Anyways, that was great, good job!

That's great to know. I'II be sure to keep a eye for future comics of creampie them. I know how time consuming it is to make these games as I already tried it once but hope that you can make a part two soon.

When I first saw the game's page I thought it was going to be a horror game disguised as a NSFW game. That is a interesting idea and it seems I was half right because it looked like it in the first 2 minutes, even with the warnings I think you could fool someone lol.

Anyways, very interesting and good game, didn't find anything that I didn't like actually, I myself like some clussy from time to time even if it's a crazy one haha. 

I didn't find any errors or anything weird (I actually did found one, not sure if it's a error but on the minute 16:42 you seemed to forgot to "tag" creampie and the narrator spoke in her place), the text was well-written and very fluid, it looked a little rushed in some parts but I think that's just me. Really, didn't find anything that needs to be adjusted or anything like that, well, you could change the text box and the font of the texts to something better maybe. That makes me wonder, are you going to add more stuff to the game or just polish it?

By the way I did a video of it, got all the endings, hope you don't mind. 

P.S. Hope to see more of creampie, be it the comics that you did or in future games :)

Well, that was funny and hot for some reason but this was pretty good, great art, nice UI and... promising story? I mean, it's still on v0.01 but it was funny. I really hope that you get the support you need, I'm very curious of how this will go on, I'm more curious to see how you will do the mobs.  Anyway, I wish you good luck!

Oh yeah, I also made a video about it '-'

What engine did you use to make/render the images? They look kinda of unique and I love it! Keep up the good work!

No, I was talking about the one that begins in 0:10 on the video, but the cabin one is also a song that didn't really fit in there. Both songs doesn't really match with the atmosphere for me, but it's just my opinion through, there are a lot of moments where some sounds didn't match with the atmosphere but it's not really something important or anything like that, I think the most important thing to change first is the font,  and don't worry, the volume was fine and everyone can decrease it in the menu, not really something that you should be concerned ;)

It's super rare to see visual novels made with the ZX spectrum color palette, but for some reason I loved it, and the way that you made everything was just perfect, nothing was out of place or strange as some games made on ren'py are not this well done, it was super fun to get all the endings and I hope to see more games like this one, I don't really say this much but I really loved everything for some reason xD

I didn't watch the movie or anything related to it but it was so cute and sweet! The art was good and the story was pretty nice to read, I hope you can complete the CGs sometime, I think it would become 200% more better than it already is, good luck!
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I posted this on 28 of May and just forgot to mention here :facepalm:, but anyways, It was pretty nice playing this, super fun to get all the endings too, the story is not something fantastic or incredible but it was very enjoyable, the art is also pretty good, one of the reasons why I played it, but there are some things that I didn't like it, I might even do a review but for now is just this: Sometimes you put sounds where it doesn't work very well. The second music that plays is a little... let's say, rough? I don't know but I don't think that music fits in there, I think it would be better to put a piano or a suspense music or something like that. The font of the text doesn't go well with the textbox, it's a little ugly to see it sometimes, but anyway, this is your first VN(?) so I can let it slide, but you should really work on some of these sounds that don't fit well with the atmosphere and everything, good luck and hope to see more!

Posted this video on 25th of may and just forgot to send it here and say my opinion xD the game has a pretty cool aesthetic, pretty unique if I could say so and for some reason I get a pretty nice feeling playing this as a point-and-click, but anyways, this is a great game, well done. Also, are you going to make and post more games like these here? if you do and if it's paid, could you publish it on steam? The price is pretty high when it's in dollar as I use "Real Brasileiro", thanks anyways!

You did a amazing job on showing hon does someone feel like when they have that, your body feels heavy and you don't want to do nothing or can't, you did a fantastic job here, also is there more monster? This means that there is more depending on your "status" on the corner right? Even so, you did an amazing job on this one, and I didn't know it was you that did Death & Taxes, well god job on that one too xD

Well, what can I say... That hit hard. The little mini-games where nice and the art was beautiful but the story was... I was going to say that it's sad but I really don't know if it is or not, I have mixed feelings for this one, but you did an amazing job on this one.

This was fantastic, I loved the idea of collecting these symbols. t would be even better if you had a time limit or if the monster was after you so you had to be careful while looking, but even so it was very nice.

Another amazing job, I didn't even know it was you that made this game as I was recording some of the game's of the Two-Minute Horror Jam, this one was pretty enjoyable and you can almost deceive someone with it's sweetness, I had a problem as the game didn't go full screen so I had to do something, it did decrease the quality but nothing to worry about.

Another interesting and fantastic game, just like the other one, you did a great job on this one, it really looked like a psx game, the sounds have that old aesthetic and makes you remember of psx games and the graphics are just great, only thing I didn't understand was the meaning behind all this, if there is one through, is this just a some sort of dream or something like that? It's still great anyways, great job.

You all did a amazing job on this one, was super fun to get all the letters, find the easter egg and play the mini-games. Also, did you change the artist? I don't know but the aesthetic of this game looks a little different, must be just me through.

Scariest game that I have ever played 10/10.

It's a simple game but a pretty good one so no surprise here ;)

Well, you could do the same you did on your first game, but just tell it when the game ends, I think that would be better, or  you should let it be like that because like I said, it's open for interpretation, but that's up to you.

I will excitedly await for your next game then!

Another great game, this one is a little challenging for me as I didn't get the message of this one, I think I already know what it is but I am not 100% about it, but I think this is a good thing, because it could be everything, so it would be open for interpretation and that's pretty cool, really liked this one, the art, music and it was also very nice to explore the house.

This was a pretty good game, just loved the ps1 graphics of it, and it's pretty good the way you used the time in the game, you can complete it in less than 1 minute if you know where you are going but if you don't you will have to play a little bit, It was a good choice of leaving the "true class" unlocked, because it would be hell if you needed to go to class 212 to just unlock the door, I will definitely make a review on this one sooner or later.

For some reason the game doesn't load for me, when I try to run the game it just stays in a black screen for some reason, no sound, no image, nothing. Waited for 10 minutes and nothing, doesn't know why this is happening :/

Of course, even if you are a amateur on this, you did a pretty good game right here, I also might visit your other game that you posted today ;)

Is this really your first game? It doesn't seem to be, because you did a amazing job here, it was short so I don't have much to say but you did pretty good, I hope to see more games with this aesthetic. Also, I found some bugs while playing: When you finish the game and try to play again, the game will start but there will be a black screen, and when you try to go upstairs after you changed the fuse a black screen shows up again 

That was a very sweet game at the beginning but you can tell what's happening the more you play it, also, was this game made for kids? I don't know why I'm asking that, it might be because of some of the minigames, there was one that was a little hard as I don't natively speak english. Anyways, the game was pretty well made, good art and nice story.

In the beginning it was pretty sweet but when you realize what's happening it's very sad, as I don't know no one that is going through this I don't have much to say but you did a good job showing how transgender people have to go through to live a "peaceful" life, loved everything, art, music, story, you did a amazing job here.

It's pretty cool seeing people make fangames of Vtubers like that and with such high-quality on top of that! A very nice job you did here, beautiful art, good music and the story is pretty good, I can't say much about the story as it seems that it was inspired in the events that happened on Ame's first AI Dungeon stream and I didn't watch it, overall, everything was very well made, one thing that I didn't like was how the battle encounters happen, I can't even walk properly sometimes! But it seems that you have fixed in your last update. 

This was a pretty enjoyable point-and-click, really liked the aesthetic of it, the plot of the story was funny as heck, the second one was just like: wait waah... but overall, this was a very nice game, nice pixelated art with a good music, an amazing job you did here, and in less than 78 hours, this is getting better the more you know! haha.

This was such a nice game to play, for some reason it was relaxing to hear her history while listening to the car sound, I must say I REALLY enjoyed playing this game, the only thing that I didn't like was the resolution but everything was perfect, nice art and good story. Also, I wanted to translate this game to Portuguese (Brazil), for free of course, if you are interested just give me a touch ;)

Nice! xD

I don't even know why I didn't recorded this sooner, this was such a sweet and cute story, and with the art makes it more adorable than it already is! I love it, really. I hope you make a sequel of it in the future. Also, is it normal to complete this game in 50 minutes? It says you can complete it in 20-30 minutes, I think I'm the slow one them xD

I only played this because the game was so beautiful but it's so short, I don't even know if I can call it a demo or a prototype, but anyways, the game was fantastic, beautiful art, very well made animations and the story is... well, I don't know because it didn't tell much but it's promising. Good luck!

Don't have much to say, the game was pretty good for a demo, great pixelated art and the animations where very smooth, you did an amazing job here, I hope you can finish this game.
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Well... That's one weird curse xD, the game was very well done, the art is good and the story is kind of absurd but funny, it's a little sad that it's so short like that and it doesn't have another ending but it was enjoyable even being this short.

For your first game this was pretty good, It was pretty short so I don't have much to say. It has it's own aesthetic and I kind of like it, it was fun and very spooky at the end, also, where we are in the ending there? it seems like a maze or something like that.

I was browsing through itch and found this game and decided to play it, it was a fun experience, the puzzles where simple and the game was short but it was fun to play through it and a little sad at the end, and the way you used the sounds was also very good, as they got well together, good job. I might give a little visit to your other game very soon ;)

That was pretty good, the way how you used what you had and that unique way of looking without the mouse was fantastic, very good job!

Man, you don't know how much I loved playing this, I really liked everything, the story of course was simple but enjoyable, the music and sound got pretty good together and the way everything was done was fantastic, I'm pretty sure this was made on RPG Maker 2003 right? I really love games made on it for some reason (Even through I don't play much games made on them) I think it's more the way most of them looks, anyways, that was a pretty fun and little scared experience, I would love to see more games made on RPG Tsukuru 2003.

Well, that was fantastic! I really enjoyed playing this, this might be the second best junji-ito inspired game that I ever played (WORLD OF HORROR is still first for me, sorry >.>) I really liked the portraits of the characters and that animation of the "woman next door" was freak as heck, it made me remember the scene in the manga, very well done, I hope see more, be it junji-ito inspired or not.

Well... That was dark, but you did a very good job, I think it needs a little more of a dialogue to make the game a little more "understandable" but taking that aside, the game was good and dark, boa sorte manin!

I don't have much to say, the way you made the history and everything was fantastic for me, just in the end I understood what was the meaning of the monster here, and this can be interpreted in different ways, the first thing I was thinking about was depression because someone that I really love struggles with that but it can also be interpreted in different ways, I just have one thing to say: Well done.