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Hey, i uploaded a game recently and the "Browser Plays" graph is not showing in the analytics. It also doesnt appear on the dashboad-which i thought is normal but apparently not (not my first game to play in the browser so there should already be a graph, or so i understand?)

Rated. Here is mine

Hey! Here is my game

Here is my game:

Hey! Here is my game!

Hey! Here is my game :)

Sup, mind checking my game?

Hey, i really liked your game!
Mind checking mine?

Hey, i just rated yours, it was very fun! 

Here is mine:

That's a really interesting game you have there,

Here is mine:

I will try yours man :D

Rated yours :)
Here is mine:

Rated yours :)
Here is mine:

Rating yours right now!

Haha thanks! Did you succeed in using the bug?

Thank you! I rated your game, was quite enjoyable

Thank you very much!! :)

Yep, and I really enjoyed it!

Thanks, I'll play yours :D

Thanks! Playing your game right now.

Haha, I'm not really good at creating art so I kinda just gave up on it on this game. Glad it still somehow looks good

Thanks!! That was the goal

Downloading your game right now.

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Here's a link to my game -

Rate it, and I'll rate your's. Just leave a comment with a link

I'm gonna go ahead and rate it! :)
Mind rating mine? 

Am going to gladly rate yours, Here is mine: :D