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Couple more devlogs:

What it's looking it at the moment:

Day 2 and Day 3 devlogs up now!:

What it looks like so far:

Hi all, this is a devlog for my entry to this jam- Bandit City. At this point a lot of mechanisms are still up in the air but the idea is to explore what life decisions are sensible to make depending on the environment (i.e. society) and your intrinsic attributes. At this point (end of Day 1) it's already feeling like there's too much scope so expect there to be a lot of adapting and iterating on the initial Day 0 idea!

* Day 0

* Day 1

Love the concept and art (also the gameplay reminded me of Slay the Spire a bit!); the drag and dropping interface of dice/potions worked out really well, nice one. I think an overworld would be cool to see in v2 :D

Thank you!

Cheers! And wow that's a lot of calories XD Good spot with the bug as well - just pushed up a cheeky patch to fix that!

Thank you for the feedback! Yes that's a great point - I'm going to try to put more thought into the gameplay aspect in the future!

Thank you! I'd like to develop it further after I get better at pixel art. And glad you liked the song :D