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Oops I'll add that to my bug feature list

You can find it here, it is one of's most popular assets!

Sorry to hear that! It was a restriction of the game jam to make the game in black and white, and I don't really intend to work on this game any longer :")

Oops I didn't to implement that in time hahaha, I've since dropped the game since the jam but I might remake it properly some time in the future!

Nice styling on the environment, reminds me of Antichamber especially with the chromatic aberration. As others have mentioned, the pace of the game is way too slow to start, I can see this with twice the firerate and still having good progression through upgrades. The location is also rather cliche, but it is a great juicy game nonetheless.

Very unique location, the art is uncanny and reminds me of Subnautica. The character move set with the dash and floaty jump suit this game very well. Unrelated to this round, but I encountered many bugs (other than lice) that made it hard to play, I hope you will have time to fix them in future rounds and I look forward to the gameplay

Excellent concept, reminds me of A Monster's Expedition. I would love to see more visual progression so I know I am heading in the right direction, like a change in biome or some landmarks.

Love the variations in gameplay with your little robot buddy, also a fan of the parallax, particles, and tiny animations like the stars. The location itself is quite cliche but a great game nonetheless.

p.s. something fun happens if you die to the very first laser :)

Thanks for your kind words on the stream! I had a blast watching it :)

Thanks for the feedback as well, I'll definitely keep the widescreen in mind and hopefully I'll get to make this truly endless in a future round!

Love the concept, and the art is great, though I have to say the spirit forest location is rather cliche haha

If you wish to expand on this, the level feels a bit rushed, especially Bird + Monkey, where you can collect them back to back  without using them, then have to use them both at once after Deer. The animals can also be more prominent, Frog and Monkey are not really noticeable.

Don't be too hard on yourself, your sense of aesthetics and level design are pretty good! I am confident you will make it to the next round.

I too started coding games in pygame, but I have tried a few other platforms and I have to say pygame is pretty tedious to use haha. I would highly recommend trying something like Unity, the learning curve will be steep but it is worth it!

Oops I got lazy when doing the controller bindings haha

and you're right! Neil Armstrong is said to have mistaken it for an enormous glacier when seen from space! :D

Very fun, well designed puzzles with many clever twists!

Ooh the art style is great, reminds me of Hollow Knight. The wings are a clever way of avoiding walking animations hahaha

Excellent idea of having foreground and background elements be the same white color, reminds me of The Unfinished Swan. The level design is also excellent with the intentional slow revealing of new content.

The art style and level design are nice, but the location can be a tad generic. If you wish to develop this further, it is important in these kinds of puzzle games to show which valve affects which pipe, possibly by color or small pipes connecting them. You can also zoom out so the player can see more of the level at once.

Insane. Nice controls, good level design, well polished throughout. Art style is so unique and well executed, reminds me of Getting Over It. Looking forward to more ducks and more levels.

Unique and beautiful, this concept could pass of as a walking simulator game on its own. One nitpick would be that the UI boxes pull the player out of immersion, I would recommend using diegetic/spatial UI instead, or use simple subtitles like this:

Just watched the stream, thank you so much for your kind words! <3

Heyo! I meant to say:

  • the house sprite is out of place due to the inconsistent pixel size 
  • the ground tiles are out of place due to their flat texture (constant green) where everything else is nicely textured!

For example I love this scene's grass:

While this scene feels incomplete, possibly also due to the blocky patches of grass:

Hope this clarifies things! The game still looks great by the way, I'm just nitpicking at the things that I would change hahaha. Keep it up!

Sweet level! I love the lollipop enemies the most, excellent animations all around. Some nitpicks are that the player collision should only be at their feet, and the house and ground sprites are a little out of place due to the inconsistent pixel size and flat texture respectively.

I swear I was 🤏 THIS close to using Stonehenge as my unique location as well hahaha. If you intend to build on this game, I would recommend you have the rotation controls just be A and D or the scroll wheel, and have them work on whichever block is currently picked up - it would make the controls much more intuitive!

The level design is excellent, would love to see more. I am conflicted as the location is both very generic yet unique haha, I feel like more could be done to sell that it is indeed a unique space.

Looking forward to the video!

Such a cute little character in a game with so much polish. I really appreciate small details like the character outline still being visible when they are behind an object. Full marks from me!

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I love a good speedrunning game. Great level design and the art and theme are nice as well.  As others have mentioned it can be quite challenging as the movement is fast and sensitive.

Looking forward to your upcoming games!

The art and level design is great, the rope on a parrot has the potential to be an entire game on its own. If you wish to extend this concept, it would be great to allow the player to grab on to the rope if they have the up arrow held down, instead of only when it is pressed over the rope.

I have to say, the location is not the most unique, but I respect that you are attempting 2 jams at once which is quite a feat! Great job, looking forward to what you have up next.

ooh that is a great suggestion, thanks! :)

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Very unique character and enemies! Gameplay is fun and kept me playing for a while. I have to say though, it doesn't fit the theme of the jam very well - the location is rather generic, and the game is far from a single level. :(

Side note the name and blocky screenshots led me to think this was a match 3 game haha

You didn't mark which platforms your game work on! (Windows/Mac/Linux) In the future you can consider building for WebGL instead, it will avoid such technical issues and make your game easier to rate.

ooh I'm on my way

Thanks for your kind words and feedback! I realized after implementing the roll that I didn't really want to use it yet, but I see now that I should have removed it to avoid confusion hahaha

It's cool that you are trying out Construct 3! The level is well implemented, though I would have loved if you had more detail in your art like you have in your older games.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I realized after implementing the roll that I didn't really want to use it yet, but I kept it in as a fun bonus toy to play with haha

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Excellent art! Love the animations and the small details like the swords on the ground. This could definitely sell in the asset store. Full marks from me!

As a big fan of parallax myself, I would recommend you hook it up to your camera position instead of your player position, and also make sure your layers consistently increase/decrease in brightness from front to back to sell the effect. Currently there are a few rocks that feel like they are the wrong distance away.

J is a good scale to keep the game at, you can zoom out to K if you ever have any big monuments you want the player to see.

Thanks for the kind words, I am glad you enjoyed the game!

I have to say the setting of a spaceship flying though an asteroid field is not the most unique, but it is still an interesting level nonetheless and I enjoyed playing it.

Insanely well polished. Great IK animations, love the aim assist, there are excess gears so that the player doesn't need to get them all to complete the game, and the whole concept of the rotating environment is unique and well explored. Full marks from me!

Very beautifully stylized, love the dash. Remember to lock the players cursor in the browser version! Looking forward to see how you develop this

Very impressive generation and shaders, I've done something similar before and know how hard this is haha

You should put the controls in the game description or on the screen, it would be a shame if players missed out the beautiful feature of being able to randomize the colors.