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Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! 🥰

Happy to have scared the shit out of you! 😂

Really cute character animations! Love the out-of-focus foreground layer and good choice of music as well. The scene transitions didn't really work well for me (probably cos I'm using a browser haha) but I would also recommend just focusing on one really good (and large if you'd like) level, especially for a jam. Having a short but beautiful and well-crafted level beats multiple scenes of repeated content any day. Good job on your first game, and I'm glad you had fun!

Agreed, I'm in love with Shader Graph <3 All the best to you too!

Thank you so much! The effect is known as Dithering, you should be able to find tutorials online about it! I was actually inspired by the game "Return of the Obra Dinn" to use it. If you're interested in the technicalities, I did this specific effect in Unity's URP like this:

1. Make the scene black and white with a Global Volume
2. Make a Dither shader + material with Shader Graph
3. Make a Blit Render Feature to render the visual output using the Dither material
4. Tweak Fog and Ambient Lighting in the Lighting settings to reduce vision

Hope this helps, and thanks again!

Great game with lots of polish! I'm amazed that you pulled this off in 2 hours haha

You're welcome! Just spreading the love ;)

Oh P.S., if you want the unity default frame to show up properly on itch, you can set your resolution in unity to 960x540 and your itch resolution to 960x582!

Wow, this has to be the best-polished game this jam! As the others have already mentioned, a lot of attention has been given to make the controls tight and the actions juicy. Something that I appreciated is how well balanced the ammo bar is, where I can't spam it mindlessly, but I also always feel like there is a lot of action going on. Great job!

Having played most of the games I'd have to say yours is my favourite! Great job, I hope your game gets the recognition it deserves.

Thanks, I'm glad you really appreciate the sound design! I've worked with horror before, so I managed to salvage some assets from there, and I took some sounds straight from Among Us as well. Some sounds are my own, e.g. the voice is done by distorting my voice heavily in Audacity! Finally, I use Unity's Timeline and Animation Events to sync up the audio in-game ✌️

Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm glad you liked it 🥰

This game was a lot harder than I expected, the tails of the rocket made it that much more challenging and fun! If you were to polish this game in the future, an easy improvement would be to play with the scale and rotation of your asteroid obstacles, so they feel less like the same asset.

The pleasure is mine! The game feels great now, love the borders you've added to the floating platforms as well!

Thank you so much for your kind words! I do love this concept a lot, if it gains enough traction I do have many interesting ideas in store ;))

Interesting idea to horde more playable characters in an endless runner! The game seems to be running a lot faster for me than in your GIF, I suspect it is due to you calculating events by frame instead of time? Might also be why a few others have mentioned that your game is too hard/fast!

Very interesting idea! I really loved it at the start, but it got progressively more unforgiving and felt like trial and error towards the end. Would have loved to see more interesting shapes like the arrow but also clued better - for example, it could be clued with an empty sign that points in the same direction as it.

Hi! I've just uploaded an executable version if you'd still like to try out the game, I hope it works! ><

Shucks thanks so much for your feedback! I've just uploaded an executable version if you'd still like to give it a go!

HAHA thanks so much for playing! tbh I was too lazy to code in a proper AI HAHA but I'm also hoping that this way the game might actually turn out scarier 🙀

Thanks for trying it out! I realised that the map wasn't as helpful as I had hoped, so if you'd like to keep exploring, you can actually sprint with Shift from the start ;) 

That's a shame :( Thank you for your interest though!

The idea of moving the weirdly shaped Moonerang through tight spaces is actually quite interesting! Love the cheeky math question.

Interesting maze-like puzzle game, though I would say that the redundant levers and the lack of "clues" make this game feel a lot like trial and error.

Wow! A very well executed Metroidvania with its own unique mechanic. Orbs serving a dual purpose of holding down buttons were amazing, and the enemies that could turn into orbs was mindblowing. If you wish to expand on this game I would recommend using a grid-based system over the current system to better align with player intent. 

Great game! The music that plays when you're spotted really gets your heart pumping, and the subtle movements like the trees and the fountain look really good in this art style.

Is the loading bar stuck? You might want to check if you allow third-party cookies on the site!

I'm glad you liked it! Great point, there are many more important aspects to cybersecurity than just raw password strength 💪

Thanks for your kind words, and thanks for hosting!

Love how you used the white ground indicators to show precisely where each ball is, it definitely helped a lot! Well polished, cute, and a great game overall!

Well polished game, the animations and sound effects are very satisfying! I think that adding some synergy between the characters will help this game a lot, it currently feels like each player is playing their own game. An example would be to make missiles that are hit by petra's attacks explosive!

Great idea, I'd love to see a game that uses the tether as a weakness instead!

Aww I was really hoping to get to chat with another player live! Interesting concept nonetheless!

Great job for your first jam! You've already got core puzzle elements in place, I can't wait to see how you expand on them in the future!

Very unique concept! I'd love to see some sort of rhythm element incorporated, or maybe a background that moves up as fast as the lines do, so that the gameplay feels more intentional rather than trial and error

Ooh I've never seen competitive plinko before, great concept! You should market your game based off that instead of the snails 😂 tho I have to admit they are really cute. Love all the small details like the paddle turning and the numbers on the snails!

I love the idea of being able to carry your trash can around, it makes for some interesting choices in the game! I can imagine a co-op version of the game where both players share the same bin, it could really cause some chaos haha

Ahh I see, we still find that it hurts us more than it helps haha, but I'd love to see others give it a shot as well!

OH I must have missed that from the tutorial 😂 and here I am blaming my other half for forgetting their controls hahahaha

But my opponent can just wait for me to come out of petrification 😂