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Small cut-scene at the start of the level is awesome!
I think that you have a really fanny toy, and you should only add more polished challenges to make it a cool game.

Thanks! I agree that different ammo with a different ray  color could make managment more fan.
Even without any changes at the level design it's possible to add a rare piercing bullet that can hit multiple targets. It will be AWESOME at the sniper-one-bullet mode, because of crazy bullet lifetime at this mode.

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Thank you very much for warm and consistent feedback!
Your idea is cool becasue of "ravenge fun" and negative self-balancing loop.
However, both my and your ideas will not work with the current AI very well. (I decided to don't waste time to understand AI NavMesh that time).

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I become less crazy after jamming with 3-4 people teams and 72 hours :)

That jam was 48 hours jam + I have to write all code completelly by myself this time. I'm sad that I had no time even for polished level design.

Exclusive backstage xD - I planned to put a one flower at the center of the map, for defending by a player. Each wave amount of flowers will grow :3 I'm not sure what the ending will be, but at games I usually decide the ending after making and playing the game.

Hi! Nice to see you and got a level-design feedback :3
I play it on Firefox all that time by myself, so I'm not sure about the problem,

1 bullet has much recochest that was planned to be usefull sometimes. I think that drawing ricochets would make it obvious. 

Next time I should invite a better musicial than I am :)

Thanks! On the dev stage, I decided that having cursor and lines together are confusing, It was a wrong bet xD.

Thanks for a feedback! You are right - the visible coursor will make a game easier to controll.

Thanks! I hope so. Ussually, I got top 100 at Ludum Dares. However, at GMTK jam polish is not so important as at LD, while I used my LD techniques.

Thank you! I'm tried to make a looped eco-system with barrels usage by enemies and player. Had no time to add a scrap sink.

You can press "fullscreen" button at the right bottom corner and controls will become better.

I agree, I should make mouse controls better.
I start submiting about 1 hour before the deadline to check any problems like it. Ironically, I was able to found this problem only after submiting WAS CLOSED xD

Thanks! It's my own idea. Really, It was one of my ideas for "The more you have, the worse it is" Ludum Dare #40. I like that I met another jam to check it.

Thanks! Yes, the concept could have a better realization with changing levels layout and better enemies.

Usually, I have 72 hours jams and spent 1st day to implement a concept, 2nd for level design and 3rd for game polish.

However, I think that we made enough to try the idea.. and I was in time in implementing all that had made my artist xD 

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It was a super trained developer's run. I had some loses, so it can be better. ^^

Thank you for the good comment!
I think, it will be great to add a different visual effects for every tile to make different cells clearlier to detect.