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Thank you so much for giving updates. Take as long as you need, and well wishes on your move and health!

I mean, no, they haven't communicated anything to their Kickstarter backers, either, and the few people who have been able to catch them on Discord have received vague responses or silence. The fact that they were on Discord means they are able to release a short update, but are actively choosing not to and "avoiding the issue," which is not how you deal with difficult things.

It's one thing to be positive and forgiving, but you need to hold people accountable sometimes as well, especially if they've been given $8,000 and can't even be bothered to announce a hiatus.

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The issue isn't the game being pushed back, it's the complete lack of communication. If someone has given you money for a product you have promised them, then the appropriate thing to do when faced with a setback is to let your customer know of said setback.
It doesn't have to be an extensive, detailed thing. Even just a "Hey guys, due to COVID we are facing medical/personal/unforeseen issues, so the project is on hiatus until further notice." That's it, just a sentence. Maybe a follow-up when you have a more concrete idea of your timeline.

Just basic, simple communication. It is perfectly reasonable for someone who has paid money to be annoyed or upset when they get NO communication about the thing they paid for.

I understand that they've been having difficulties, and I would by no means expect them to prioritize a game of all things, but if you're going to take on the responsibility of accepting peoples' money, you need to also take the responsibility of communicating with them.

Two whole boys with crop tops? 10/10, game of the year, must buy

I CAN wait to play it!

Take your time, give yourselves breaks and lots of rewards.

Thank you for updating!

For reference, you can buy things online with USD with most credit cards and banks, even if they are listed in different currency like Euros. It will automatically convert the currency for you, though there is occasionally a small fee depending on your bank or card.

Just make sure you're always using a secure site when making a transaction!

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Haven't seen any updates since August even on Kickstarter... I hope you guys are doing okay. I know it's been a rough time. :(

Everyone all like "Game's too short," like bruh, it's only five bucks, what do you want? Sheesh.

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I mentioned in another comment, but the word "allah" is not exclusive to Islam. It predates Islam by hundreds of years and is even used in modern day by Arabic-speaking Christians, Jews, Sikhs, and some others to refer to their gods. I own an Arabic Bible that uses "allah." So "oh my allah" is functionally exactly the same as "oh my god."

Edit to say: I don't know what other religious aspects are in the game, so maybe it more specifically references Islam somewhere, but the word "allah" doesn't automatically mean "Islam," it could be a pre-Islamic pagan religion.

Hello, I know this conversation is half a year old, but I wanted to let you know that in Arabic, many people besides Muslims use the word "allah" as a general term for "god," regardless of which god it is.
Arabic-speaking Christians and Jews all use the word "allah" for their god, and some Sikhs and nondenominational/polytheists use the word "allah" as well.

You were correct in your assumption that it has basically the same function as the English word "god," and I'm unsure why some here are claiming otherwise.

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"Allah" is not exclusive to Islam whatsoever. "Allah" literally means "God" and has literally the exact same function as "god" has in English. Arabic-speaking Christians and Jews use the word "Allah" to refer to the Judeo-Christian god of the Torah and Bible, and Arabic translations of the Bible use the word "Allah." Arabic-speaking Sikhs and polytheists use "allah" to refer to their gods as well. It also predates the Muslim religion by hundreds if not thousands of years. Muhammad's own father's name was Abdullah, or Abd-Allah, meaning "servant of god," and obviously he was named before his son was born.

I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but "allah" is not a word that belongs to Islam any more than "god" belongs to Christianity. Being offended by the use of the word "allah" in this case is the same as when Christians get offended by someone saying "Oh my god."