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so soothing, esp the colors and sounds!! love this <3

this was such a lovely game ! 

this was so lovely, i love the way you animated the shoreline. thank you for making it!

what a sweet and kind game <3 thank you for making it!

so lovely <3

Omg thank you for calling out this detail! It was actually one of my favorite details to design <3 

Thanks for playing!! ^^

Thank you!!! This was the first time I used the avatar by room hack and it was the one I wanted to focus this game around so I appreciate the call out :)

thank you!!! the Âu Cơ  image took the longest to ideate and make so that means a lot (I looked at so many gosh darn pictures of cranes LMFAO). 

and OMG lmk if you do!! i'd love to play !!! origin myths are SO cool

love this!!! the background ocean art was incredible to experience

Lovely! The writing was very atmospheric and I like your use of Pixsy :) great lil game!

What a neat lil exploration game!!! I really loved figuring out the puzzles :) and the characters all have such charming personalities

Cảm ơn nhiều!!! 

What a lovely game!!! Thank you for sharing your experience. I really loved how you used the exit from dialog to push the story forward and have really impactful changes to the scenery.

What a lovely game!!! I really really enjoyed this <3 the music was so on point and the colors were amazing

This was so wonderful to play through!!! I love how the levels became more complex as the story became more complex and I really liked the surreal art :)

This was so interesting and cathartic to play through as someone who's been in similar situations in the industry before. Thanks for making it! I also really love the art. Great stuff!!

Thank you for playing!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^ <3 

tysm for noticing!!! I def put a lot of effort into making the window views have a lot of character 😊 thanks for playing and im glad you found it sweet!!

Aahhhh!!!!!! Tysm for playing im so glad you enjoyed!!! 🥺❤

wow thank you so much!!! I put a lot of effort into the colors and cloud sprites specifically so i really appreciate that ^^ (also thanks for creating bitsy, it's literally what's finally made making games accessible to me!!!)

tysm!!! yeah i'm glad the sound worked out with the game and I'm eager to do more similar stuff, sound-wise for future games :)

I'm glad it was soothing and relaxing <3 😊 thank you so much!!!!

Thank you!! The audio and visuals came easier than the story for sure while I was making it, but I'm glad it ended up being balanced :D thanks for playing and leaving a comment!!

Thank you so much! :))

Thank you so much!!! I actually started making this game by doodlin' some clouds in bitsy and I'm quite happy with the results :) I'm glad you found it contemplative ^^

Such a lovely homage <3

thank you so much!!!  

this was so lovely! thank you for making it :)

<3!!! Tysm for playing!!! Im glad you enjoyed 😊

Ahh tysm!!! Yeah it was really fun to record audio for this and i wanna experiment with that more in future games :)!