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Thanks for the awesome sprites! Nice Work!

I'm very glad you liked it! We were a little worried that we wouldn't get this sound in, but thanks to our audio designer, we got it all in before the jam ended. If you'd like, we're making another game called Fruit fliers (latest blog post is about it!), feel free to check out our Discord:

Super awesome video! Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the ideas! It's somewhat generated. There are handmade rooms, however they are generated in each floor. All of the spawns, such as the player, nightmare, lanterns, and the exit are generated as well.

Hello, Tomaz. I'm a programmer and quite interested in joining the team for the game jam (big fan of GMTK too!). That being said, I'd love to know more about the team and project. If you're still looking, best way to reach me is Discord: Linc#6143. If you don't use Discord, get back to me on here and I'll respond as soon as I can. Thanks!

Hello! I'm a fairly experienced programmer who would like to work on jams with others as well. I have a couple of projects I've done on my profile. If you're still looking for someone and would like to talk more, my Discord is Linc#6143

Thanks for the feedback! Honestly, we would've loved to provide more feedback when it comes to sabotages, explain the game concept more, and balance the AI better, but we just kinda ran out of time for the jam. I'm glad you enjoyed it, though! =)