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The first one helped for me! Thank you very much!

Windows 10 64x.

Freerider and recharged version do not see yaw channel

Other simulators see it and all the other 5 channels with switches.

Also on the other computer Freerider works fine with yaw.

I use CC3D board connected by USB. With Copter Control driver it works as a joystic.

Here is a short video of my issue:

may be I should reset all the previous settings, but I can't find where Freerider store them on my computer.

Hello, all.

I like both simulators, but one thing does not give me a rest:

I can run FPV freerider on Highest graphics.

But Recharged version runs normally only on Lowes. Also the controlling of the copter and phisics in not so good in Recherged version.

My computer is not very good, but why there is such difference? Do these simulators use different engines inside? What is the reson?

Thank you!