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Thank you! Yea, I'll balance the amount of Apples available or make them deal more damage. I might add a 'Dash' so that you can escape/dodge enemies.

Thank you! I've changed controls and added Space, Shift and Control as well. I'll check out the contest - thanks!

Thank you for your feedback! I've made changes accordingly. I've never used WAD - so you're right, it is weird. I've added Space, Ctrl and Shift as well for people who use WAD. I'll add some story soon. Thanks again!

Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. Camera adjustments will be part of the next update.

Thank you for such high quality assets! I started making a game using this: If I may, please consider making some UI assets - I'll pre-order it if I can :)

Thank you for your feedback - I'll adjust it.

A retro action platformer. Play with keyboard or Xbox controller.

Glad you liked it! I enjoyed the video.

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Viking Village is a minimalist RTS in which you build and defend your village against evil knights on randomly generated islands. Play single player or compete against other players through online 1v1 cross platform multiplayer.