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Still trying to crack the last puzzle but i've tried to convert the first level of puzzles into binary. doesn't do anything. looked around. can't find anything matching. also can't find any of the previous levels having any inputs for the new code. and using it in a new attempt probably also don't work.... hmm. oh yes i like it but idk what direction the last puzzle is supposed to be in :P.

fun game i have to say mysterius plot i'm interested

btw just becuz i wanne get the specific endings what choices inflounce that?

what do the pillars do btw?

heather is best girl.... try to grab pancakes? those are for master ill slice your troath

i already like the mindset of the main character ill update allong the story :D

i want to convert that binary code at the end into text but don't know how to copy or pause it and can't find a full on text in the files of it so can you please put the binary code here or tell me a way to copy it? (i could probably use cheat engine to slow it down but that would be getting hard)

can you please include a download link since it won't open in the browser

and mabe that will help

Autonauts community · Created a new topic ROBOTS

why are they broken one was cutting down air with a axe and the other coulden't do the task and the material was right next to him and i made 2 to recharge everything they diden't see the robots that had no power