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sorry.. but it create nothing and hitting delete button also not working. Maybe there are some bugs. Clone function is working correctly and i can delete some object only after clone it. Tile creation is totally not working.

I found create button make some object but not selected tile but whole object. Seems strange. I want to make custom patterns.

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Awesome. i've waited for Android Version!

Please make it bluetooth gamepad compatible.

I select some tiles, change of that value and  hit create but nothing happens.

oh I want to know how to edit with using tile mode!

smb have some problem with black textures.

some part of shadows sticked with floor part so can't be edited without editing floor.

it is critical to editing the end of the stage (black background).

i think other roms which has black texture or shadows have this problem. they show some black particle or show nothing. 

do you have any tips?

I changed keymap of my Xinput controller but it seems to overlap the button.

When is the Mac version available?

I have same problem with 3dnes v1.4.0

My OSX version is Yosemite(v10.10.5)

any luck?