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Just amazing, really hard but I want to put in effort to figure it out. The art style is impeccable, and the game design and controls really makes me feel like i'm operating the mech. It is also very clear that a lot of time and effort was put into making sure each button input combination was clear and intuitive. Great work.  

Fun. The guns feel satisfying, the animation is great, controls are good, and I like the level design. However the game's enemies are a fatal flaw to me. They pop up right onto the screen if you're moving too quick and the fact that they can shoot right on sight never seizes to feel unfair and unfun, especially with the fast projectiles and one shot kill for the player. However you can respawn very fast which is nice lo. 

Its good but would be significantly better if enemies couldn't shoot until like half a second to a second after they see you and if there was maybe an enemy indicator. 

Really fun! guns are fun to shoot, enemies look good and i LOVE them giblets, menus are intuitive, and those swing animations are just mmmm. My only critque is the game feel could be a lot better. The UI is good but that UX could use some touching up. Stuff like more sounds and expanding buttons on hover n such would be nice. Also, the healthbar seems kinda pointless because everything has 1 HP. 

My biggest complaint is that the death animation is REALLY slow which is frustrating especially coupled with the difficulty. I keep dying and every time I die I have to wait upwards of 5 seconds before I can respawn. It really was to the point where it felt border line unplayable, if you release another version with real fast respawn I'd be on that shit like butter. Also, I don't like that you can recall your bullet because it feels just like an extended reloading animation rather than an interesting mechanic. IMO I feel it should just be you have to retrieve the bullet. However the idea itself is good. The level design is nifty as it allows for slight chaos without feeling overwhelming. Everything color wise is also very clear. I recognize what bullets and enemies are and can gauge what they do easily as well. I also like the death animations both for the player and the enemies. The particles are nice and the splatters are real satisfying. 

Good work!