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You definitely got turn-based action down, Great game! There is a bug on the second stage where you are stuck running into a wall until the enemies kill you.

I had 5 hours left in the jam and I was very bored.

I fell off in-game while reading the edge-lord pun. I like this game.

It's procedurally generated, so it would be choosing a seed instead of a map, and that feels like it would kill the pace a little.

For 2 they're accepting all content as long as it's focused around procedural generation.

I think the lack of animation cancelling is supposed to increase difficulty. 

It's not up to date with the steam version for the simple reason that is less secure than other platforms. selling small games here is fine because less people will try pirating it, but larger releases should be moved to other platforms because of the more lax security and because of itch's reputation.

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I'll do some stuff after the rating period but I'm learning godot so It might be a bit underwhelming

I might add in some stuff after the rating period.

the current version has an ammo counter but I still need to fix some stuff before it's release

the frogs are itchy, go scratch them.

thank you! I should probably update about now. I'll work on a new gun.

wow that was really cool

I fixed it a while ago, I just forgot to reply again.

with the same name...

I swear we were joking about this exact idea in the discord voice channel 2 hours ago...

that isn't on purpose and I thought I fixed that already. hmm...

Very nice game, I loved the feeling of hitting the enemy with his own projectile, however, I did notice that the game continued after you died, which allowed me to keep fighting long after my health bar reached 0.

I could make it so the less ammo you have, the higher pitched the sound effect is.

I'll make the guns smoother to hold, and I'm trying to figure out how to balance the shotgun to keep it feeling powerful while still being balanced (currently working with fire rate and bullet spread). The sine wave projectiles felt necessary to stop the player from just running around in circles around the horde of orcs, with strait projectiles playtesters (family & close friends) were still easily running in circles, while multiple fireballs lagged the game a good amount, and larger projectiles weren't looking pleasing at all (quite the pickle!). And thank you for the compliment!

Thanks for the compliment!

Sorry, that was very rude of me. I'm putting some variation through time right now

another enemy type is going to spawn in after a while.

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I don't mean to be rude, but that's a rather low time:kills ratio for easy crowd control. (I was feeling toxic while saying this, please do not judge me based off of this comment, also my brain is the dumb sometimes and all it noticed was 200-100 which is still an ok ratio at that, in fact he did a good job for his time and I applaud him for his game now.)

Oh darn! My best time was 122 with 111 kills. I should've grabbed a screenshot but it was an earlier version.

I'll go ahead and make the shotgun do less damage and go into the balancing a little bit more, but I do need to ask what do you mean by the rounds going 1-1-1-1-1-5-5-5-10-10?

Hello, Was the gun that was appearing while shooting the machine gun or the laser gun, The laser gun points in the same direction as the gun so I believe that that's what you were shooting. I'll probably make it so the laser guns bullets follow the mouse for a bit instead of the same direction of the gun.


I found this game 3 years ago, and spent 1 month finding it again. All I remembered was the art and basic gameplay. If the developer is reading this, you made me satisfied enough to remember this for 3 years.

I found it and am still trying fruitlessly to save the big mouse (frick I forgot his name)

yeah, google chrome isn't really saving for me either, I'll miss you, ned!

sorry for misunderstanding, but yeah, great job devs!

you do realize that this is a jam game which probably won't get updated, right?

it's fine, I couldn't even finish the code for the game within the time limit.

nope I'm on the oldest chromebook in the world that can't even run linux

nope I don't have a windows device atm


hmmmmm... I wonder why he isn't doing that.