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Thank you so much for saying this.

 The team really appreciates your kind words <3

We are deeply touched that you found our lil spooky game enjoyable!

Have a very lovely day!

thank you!

Windows for example always says this whenever an application doesn't have a recognized creator. So no it does not have a virus and scans files also for viruses. You can always go to to check any file you download :) These files are 100% safe

Thank you for informing us! 

I believe had already purged their site XD

heyoo! Thanks for the question! <3

We made the game in unity 3D

Models were done in Maya and code was written using C#


It's windows defender acting up. You need to press show more details and "run anyway"

If that isn't an option you need to disable your firewall and defender.

Sucks but computers are annoying sometimes.

Hope you can get it to work soon!

Much love <3

Yes we are aware of the issue, we forgot to add it last minute, but thankfully you don't need to use mouse clicks at all in the game. And it's only a problem with multiple monitors :3

there are 2 shakers, the one on the left is not salt, it's pepper, the right one next to the knife is the salt shaker :3

We just recently released our latest game jam game

(Room before the dark) 

We would love everyone to test it out <3

It's a game about helping a cute pink bunny

Slowly and smoothly turning more and more creepy

Game page:

Thank you!!!

loved the video <3 

much love from the team!

Just a reminder

this is a game jam game

Made in 48 hours

We didn't have enough time to fix every bug, just the most important ones

i really wanna try this out. It looks so cool!