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Nice Work I like the Game ^_^
- Game art its nice I like it.
- the game is fun to play.
- I like the BG music and sounds.
- there is no cool down bar for the abilities so i dont know how much time i can use it.
- enemies sight range is not visible to the player so its hard to know when the enemy will see the player.
- the idea of the theme is not presented in the right way in this game (its just my opinion ^_^) ... for ex. in the first ability it would be better to create a shadow for the player walking in the deferent way and guards will follow it while the orginal player is invisible ... i hope u got my idea :) ...

best of luck :)

شكرا لكم جميعا على تعليقاتكم وملاحظاتكم الرائعه التي ستفيدنا جدا في تطوير اللعبه وانجاحها

شكرا للجميع على تشجيعكم وتعليقاتكم وملاحظاتكم التي من المؤكد ستفيدنا في تطوير واكمال اللعبه

nice game i like the idea, graphics are nice and simple ... wish you all the best

interesting game and amazing idea ... wish you all the best guys ^_^

interesting game bro keep going :)