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stealth meets speed run
Submitted by thomas wolfing — 2 days, 4 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Sound - الصوتيات#73.1763.176
Fun Factor - عامل التسلية#122.9412.941
Overall - التقييم عام#153.0003.000
Innovation - الابداع#192.9412.941
Graphics/Visuals - المرئيات/الجرافيكس#253.0003.000
Theme - استخدام موضوع الزنقة#332.5292.529

Ranked from 17 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Game Engine Name اسم المحرك:
GameMaker Studio

Who worked on this game? (Name List) اسماء الذين عملوا على صناعة اللعبة
myself (Thomas wolfing)

Country? الدولة؟

If you used any Game Assets not done by your team, Must be Listed here :
Spy icon
Paper background


How to contact you? An E-mail preferred اذكر وسيلة تواصل؟ يفضل بريد الكتروني
by email

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Nice Work I like the Game ^_^
- Game art its nice I like it.
- the game is fun to play.
- I like the BG music and sounds.
- there is no cool down bar for the abilities so i dont know how much time i can use it.
- enemies sight range is not visible to the player so its hard to know when the enemy will see the player.
- the idea of the theme is not presented in the right way in this game (its just my opinion ^_^) ... for ex. in the first ability it would be better to create a shadow for the player walking in the deferent way and guards will follow it while the orginal player is invisible ... i hope u got my idea :) ...

best of luck :)


شكراً لك على المشاركة في الزنقة هذه السنة

تم تقييم اللعبة :)


Nice mechanics, I liked the game .
would have loved if there is an indicator to how much time is left before the ability is enabled .The soldiers passed through the walls and sometimes stamped into the walls .Also you might add a way to show the vision of the enemies , like a vision cone for example .


Good Work..

Very nice game! simple, fun and minimalist! I really like the retro feel. I enjoyed playing it a lot! I really like the simplistic control with the mouse. A very refreshing game genre entry!


Nice game ... I like stealth games and a top down stealth sounds like an interesting option,

Improve the AI and level design and this game could become something big.


pros: nice and well thought abilities, levels are thought a bit, simple and clean, controls are clear and responsive. the poor AI of the enemies actually makes the game more fun (in this case) because even fi you get caught, you can escape the poor AI with its poor path finding.

Cons: poor animations, not much on the sound department, no gadgets, (cool down of abilities is not clear there is no bar to indicate it or i just didnt notice it).enemies range of sight is not visible

overall, fun game, was fun completing it. (289 seconds) keep up the good work.


he uses his powers to create illusions (make himself invisible, make false alarms to distract the enemies) :)

nice game and love the simplicity it is also fun to play...but I can't see the illusion theme in it maybe I'm missing something

great job though!! :