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keep up the good work!

Defied the Gods once more! 

Everyone has to play it! 

Nice job! 

Don't worry I cleaned up everything 😂

Congratulations is the least I can say 

a must play jrpg!

Can't say much! Loved it!! 

Seems I'm the first one to play it, what an amazing job guys!!! 

:) :) :)

I will definitely finish it!! 

amazing job guys! Looooveddd it!

Congrats, you scared the hell out of me 😮😮😮

Cant wait for the full game!

loved the atmosphere!!!

freaking loved it!! 
Freaking loved it!

OK, mind blown 😂😂😂

I really loved it guys!! 

amazing work! i really wanna see more of you! just supported you in youtube also xD

Would love to see more of you! It was amazing!

loved it keep up the good work!!

loved it!! Scared the hell out of me!!

I'm waiting to see more from you! Awesome!

amazing job bro! Keep up the good work!

played it and loved it! Awesome job bro!!

Im fine midnight!  thnx for askin! you??

Keep up the good work mate 👍💪

just loved it! i cant wait for english version and of course for the full game!

amazing job mate! Keep up the good work! 

Keep up the good work bro! I loved it!

You did an awesome work bro and your game deserves to be promoted! here is my gameplay!

Dude, i am not!!! i just wanted to see more, and please contact konami somehow and show them your work, all my friends were so amazed and want to see the full game like this! you did a magnificent work!

Loved it so far dude! keep up the good work!

amazing work mate! I really traveled back in the early 2000s ! Keep it up!