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Glad to hear! Nytlin did a wonderful job with it!

Greetings! I've recently released the Quickstart document for my next tabletop RPG, GhastBashers. You can find it here on a Pay What You Want basis. 

Inspired by Ghostbusters and SCP, with nods to Delta Green, MIB, Warehouse 13, and The Librarians, groups of 'Bashers can tailor the game to be the "right" level of comedy and horror. This narrative-focused RPG uses only twelve-sided dice (d12) in a roll-low dicepool mechanic.

Will you play one of the GhastBashers, hunting paranormal entities for fun and profit? Will you join the discreet Bureau of Paranormal Investigation to hunt and destroy any threats to the people and government of the United States? Or will you be one of the "Sellouts," a group of corporate sponsored GhastBashers out to capture "potential assets" to maximize profits?

Art is still coming in to be added to the Quickstart and the main game, but the main game's text is complete, layout is approximately 50% complete, and a Kickstarter will be launched on 7/1 to fund a print run and allow people to snag some additional physical merchandise (including dice!).

Take a look, hunt some beasties, give your thoughts, and if you like it, consider supporting the Kickstarter when it launches!

First post here, but second RPG released!

This weekend, I released S.M.A.C. : Saturday Morning Awesome Cartoons. The premise is simple: it's a mini-RPG built upon the sugar-fueled imagination of those watching cartoons and seeing all of the ads for the associated toys in the 80s and 90s. Build your character inspired by a cartoon and the toys from it, load up on accessories, and head out on an adventure!

The game is pamphlet-sized, and my first foray into a smaller RPG. The price is locked in at $1, but there are plenty of community copies to get the ball rolling. Feel free to pick it up and offer some feedback!

If you're curious what else is next, give me a follow; I have two more games in the pipe of my own (dates TBD), four more titles tied to the Henshin Heroes line with my dev partner Bob Skerry, and will be releasing a finalized version of my core game, NICHE, in the coming weeks!

Thank you for the time and effort you've put into this; it's definitely saving me time to reinvent the wheel in Affinity!

Thanks! We built the mechanics to let the narration be the focus and have just enough rules crunch to be interesting. Glad you're enjoying it so far, and keep an eye out for the updates coming soon!