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I want to apply for a refund

ok :)


thanks! I'll add english language support soon

Nice idea!

My soul has been washed :)

很棒,幸存者+平台融合 👍 很有新意!

很棒 可以考虑申请 steam 商店页面了

OK. thanks for reply! GMEdit is awesome!

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when i click run  I see this:

Compile Started: 17:21:18

Program: GameMakerStudio2

Runtime: /Users/Shared/GameMakerStudio2/Cache/runtimes/runtime-2023.4.0.113


xiangtianyuan@xiangtiandeiMac GMLive % neko gmlive-server.n

Called from C:\HaxeToolkit\haxe\std/neko/_std/Date.hx line 134

Uncaught exception - load.c(237) : Failed to load library : ./std.ndll (dlopen(./std.ndll, 0x0001): tried: './std.ndll' (not a mach-o file), '/Users/xiangtianyuan/Desktop/HiEggplant/HiEggplant2/datafiles/GMLive/std.ndll' (not a mach-o file))

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Thank you!

I bought two books. and made a small project game.

I credit your books in final-level  and credit panel.

Thank you very much! sensei!

You save my indie game carrer!

Yes, you are right, I will add more mechanics and gameplay in later versions. Thanks for playing.

OK OK i'll add more levels in next version

Nice work! I made a platformer game using this asset!! thank you.

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"Done is better than perfect!"

The First Mountain is a 2D platform jumping game. 

It contains 12 levels, and the clearance time is about 5 to 40 minutes.

It takes 1 to 2 hours to achieve the full achievement.

Its advantage is that you can pass the game quickly!

Language Support:English(Default)、简体中文

Controller Suppert:Xbox Controller(Tested)、any other(Not Tested yet but support)

切换到简体中文:在开始界面跑到中文简体的位置,按下上或者 W 即可切换。

If you like the game, please consider making a donation so I have the budget to make more levels and pay Steam Direct fees.

如果你喜欢这款游戏,请考虑给一些捐助,这样我就有预算去做更多的关卡还可以支付 Steam Direct 费用。

Game Page:



3rd Party Engine&Framework&Tool:

3rd Party Assets:


Very creative game!It takes a while to get used to and master the mechanics, and once you do, the game feels great!I love the art and level design!It's a game with a lot of potential. nice work!


good job! nice work!!! awesome asset!!!!!

already bought it!! nice work!good joob!!

good job! nice work!!! awesome asset!!!!

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you are awsome! good job! nice work!  I used your free music then I bought this asset  immediately!!! thank you!

I made a game using this assets!

hi,  i just have paypal can by this asset's please.

nice game! easy and fun!!

thx! Dash and Roll need unlock from AbilityPanel. I've just added button tips for Roll and Dash to the game intro, thanks for playing and feedback.

nice game! 

I think if the game is really hard, it makes the streamer perform better in their livestream or video because they have more time to challenge the level over and over again, and of course they suffer a lot because of that, ha ha ha, I'm a bad guy.

I enjoyed this game more than 30mins .   nice game! 

I planned so much of the game that I didn't finish it, and I only had three hours to polish it, and the game was so hard that I didn't beat the level until the day after I submitted it, haha. I first enjoy others' works, rest enough, I will continue to fight!

thx !  I'll polished after end this gamejam for fair.    I'll improve game according to your suggestion. thx very much!

  fly when suck  is very graceful design. I like it. nice game!!! good job !!!

跳跃是马里奥的跳跃算法 攻击动作做了反馈 手感这个东西有点主观 和你玩游戏的经历有关 玩习惯就好了 不知道你有没有打到 boss 关

Yeah! Thanks for playing!

Nice game!!!