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I'm having the same problem, also on Windows 10. I actually set it lower to try to fix a jumping problem, and now it's stuck at a super low res :(

Wow that was really fun!! It has the look and feel of a game I'd buy on Steam! The only suggestion I'd give is to have a quit button, when I won I had trouble quitting haha. But I encourage you to keep on with game dev! I think you have great potential :)

Omg I love it! As someone that has played the old Digimon World 1 & 3 games, I definitely see the inspiration! I've encountered a few bugs while playing, I'll probably join the Discord to mention them :)

wow I loved it! The game definitely feels professionally made and the game mechanics were simple to understand. I loved the artstyle, the music, and the little voices! They reminded me of the voices from Graveyard Keeper. Also, the little pumpkin character reminds me of the pumpkin head from Pajama Sam 3, haha! I'll be definitely following this game for a future release :)