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My e-mail is [not here anymore] . Thanks you, I'll tell you if it works !

Player.log :

Player-prev.log :

None of it works… The last comment below your post perfectly illustrates my problem.

When I try to hold local auditions after a new game, the screen blurrs but the idols don't appear on it. My mouse changes as if there were icons , but there's nothing more than a blurred screen...

You should post the message in the "Ideas and Suggestions" topic, I think it could bring something to the game !

Hello, I think there is a bug because my idols never practice by themselves, and therefore I have to put them manually on training each time I want to increase their stats...

Oaaaah I actually loved this game ! It was entertaining and truly fun... You're so talented ! A game entirely in a kombini, a place where all kind of people can meet... I hope to see the complete version someday ! Is the project still in progress ?