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Like all of your games I've played (including the MeLoveYou trilogy), there's nothing like this even though it vaguely echoes other inspirations. Of course the most prominent theme seems to be the unseen and unknowable cosmic horror. Beautifully done.

Amazing piece of work. Different themes play out through the data dumps found throughout the landscape, and the visual flashes and distortions make it hard to tell what's hostile and what's not. I thought the action, platform, and puzzle elements played well together.

This isn't just a game; it's a transhumanist cyberpunk adventure with a formidable protagonist pitted against something nastier and less human than Shodan or Jobe.

Illegal reflective access (0x7f) when running with OpenJDK 14. Does it only work with a certain version of Java?

For the life of me, I cannot figure out level 6. Is there any way to complete that level? Very clever game, in any case. Most games I play remind me of something else, but this one is its own category.

This one's a really pretty little gem. Excellent work, sir.

I get an error installing the Linux version: "No manager for install"

Hi, trying to run this on Pop!OS via Wine, and I get the following error:

wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to FFFFFFFF at address 7BC678BC (thread 0039)

I don't know if that is any use in troubleshooting. Itch tries to make their desktop app use Wine to improve cross-platform play, but it doesn't work there either.

Same here. Something is not working with certain machines.

very creative. I'm still stuck at level 6. Love the mechanic; it reminds me of continuum and zawinski's "sproingies" screensaver.

I honestly thought this was a tech demo for a minute (didn't look at the screenshots). Frankly terrifying, well done.

Ah, good point. Simple Intel Iris Plus on an Intel I7 running Win 10. Happy to get you an error message if you tell me how; I'm not a Windows user, so I don't really know what I'm doing with it.

Greetings! This game runs beautifully on my Linux machine (thank you for doing native Linux builds; not enough devs bother, and with Wine and Lutris the industry stats are skewed). Crashes immediately after the loading screen on my wife's Windows 10 laptop. Tried with highest and lowest quality graphics as well as both windowed and fullscreen.

That was incredibly normal. I'm relieved to have found such a normal game to play. Thank you for not putting anything weird at all in this game.