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Great game. :-)

Thank you. :-)

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback in the future I might add better enemy's. :-)


Great game!

Fun game one of the better ones of the jam! My only complaint is that that jump really clunky and it is quite difficult.

Good art. I wish there was a tutorial the controls felt a little unresponsive. Also some music and sfx would be nice.

The game seemed good but there were no instructions and it was very hard. Good art and AI though. :-)

Did not know what to do at first the jump and movement were a bit weird but nice art.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you! :-)

Thanks for playing :-)

Thanks for the feedback. The controls are shown in the game when you press play.

Don't worry about it.

Bit late eh. 🤣

Thanks 👍

Thanks for the feedback 🙂.

Great Game kind of hard but I just might be bad at it lol. Nice art.

Thanks for the feedback. :-)

Thank you.  :-)

Don't worry about it.  :-)

Thanks for the kind words and feedback. :-)

Thank you!

Great game nice art.

amazing game the movement was really responsive. :-)

Great game really liked how you implemented the limitation. One thing is that the enemy are a bit hard to kill but other than that great game overall. :-) 

Great game the hitboxes were a bit weird but the art was great. idk if this is your first jam but nicely done.

Great art. Awesome gameplay. :-)

Great Game! :-)

I really liked the use of the limitation. Great game. :-)

Great game really liked the art. :-)

Awesome game really cool mechanic reminds me of a gravity sim I had to do in science class. Yours was a lot more fun though. :-)

Great game cute art style. One of the more polished games I've played so far. :-)

Great game really enjoyed it! :-)

The screen on the web build is quite small. I liked the music. :-)

Nice simple and polished game. Is there any use for the coins? Overall great game.