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Leyline Games

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And congrats on being featured by too!
Your game totally deserves it :)

Pato Box community · Created a new topic Art Style

Wow, the black and white art style of your game is gorgeous!!! Congrats!

Hello everyone!

My name is Philip from Leyline Games, its been about 2 years i've been working on TLA by myself. Only recently in the past year i've gotten the chance of making TLA a reality. I'm really happy that i got this far, and i really hope you guys get to enjoy this new take an action puzzle games.

"The main character is an orb of light incarnate, a representation of the last essence of good in a corrupt and decrepit world. The orb will need to traverse dark forsaken ruins of an old and near extinct civilization. These ruins have many traps and puzzles that the player will need to avoid while venturing further into the deep. The darkness is strong however and will slowly deplete your light in time. In order to keep your light from dissolving, you’ll need to explore the ruins to pick up more light energy. As you progress further into the abyss, you will notice that something lurks in the veil of darkness that you may have to avoid or ultimately confront in order to complete your descent….”   

Come check us out:

Also thank you very much!