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Normally you can't submit after the deadline has passed (I think I can move it again but I'm not sure what will happen to the existing ratings). I'm not 100% sure but I think there is a different method to add a game past the deadline. Pag tapos na yung game, you can send me the game link here and I'll try to feed it to the submission generator option thing.

Nakalimutan ko yung natripan kong game dati na ganito! Great idea with different enemy "types". Good job!

Try to add a command to speed up your falling speed! We sort of have the similar idea regarding movement! Good job!

Nice straightforward idea! Because of the nature of collision (or at least, how I taught you to do these) - there is an innate necessity to be careful with moving around if there's lots of "damage" sprites around. Good job!

Mga 11 "areas" lang haha - should take about 2min to finish (without retries). I wanted to add more stuff, but you know, time.

Also I wanna point out that I couldn't get the Mac version to start. It's being detected as a generic app

I like the style (nice job doing parallax there!). My keyboard hates me right now so I can only get a few flips in

Definitely something you can build on! The "warrior" units seem to have limited range and didn't get on attacking the enemy units until they're pretty close. Also, impressive randomization!

Interesting concept and very faithful to the theme! You definitely could build more upon the concept of "remembering" your actions. Maybe you could add  a "home" beacon at the start of each level to drive the point home more about the idea of getting back to that spot.

Like the indie art vibes this game is giving. The only criticism I can think of is it wasn't exactly explained how the spit moves (did it?). Also, there could be a better way of relaying the loss of vision, at first I thought I died when I jumped. Oh and bonus points for actual music!

Cool sprite artwork!

Very professionally done! The avatar on the dialogue was a nice touch! Small things like that really give the game a personality. Also, I gotta learn how to code particles lol, I have a theory of how they work inside my head but I'm guessing there's some really efficient ways of doing it

i'll be fair and not upload until the feedback period expires

that was implemented there! But i wasted my time either doing my real job or playing Borderlands 3 lol

Ah, it looks like it working. Insert "it's something" meme here. Is it allowed to update the game post the deadline? I still wanna work on it

Yeah, looks like it I'm taking a look right now

Ah dangit. I changed it again but forgot to zip it, now to check if i can do it despite it being locked down

I tried to redo it - the html and JS files are there but it won't show up nicely as a ready-to-play game

Holy shit, I thought the deadline was tomorrow! Good thing I took a look at it now at 4AM! I uploaded it and just capped it off at the end to make it complete but I wanna add some stuff to it