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I apologize for waiting so long to post this, I had other obligations when I saw this. Now that I have some down time, I guess I could talk about what I'm going to do for the jam.

Normally I usually pick programming languange and then pick an engine in this programming language. I am pretty adept at learning new programming languages and prefer the "baptism of fire" approach to things. This time was a bit different.

I decided against it this time, instead picking an engine before the language. I think that, for this project, I decided to work to try out the Blender game engine. Normally I'd be against it because -- and this is objectively speaking here, the engine is quite a mess. However, I feel it fits the project and for something simple, it'd be hard to mess up. Plus the engine scripting is in Python and a visual programming language so I should be fine. Hopefully this doesn't back down backfire on me, but honestly that's the fun of it. Hope everyone else has fun too; can't wait to see all your project. Good