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GOT THIS WITH THE BLM BUNDLE AND CAN I JUST SAY I ADORED THIS BOOK? I am so excited to read more in the next book!!!! the  setting and  story was really unique and I cant wait to read more

HOLY SHIT, okay first off I just wnt to say that this is so STUNNING. the art was on point, I keep watching the pv animation that was in the game... and the writing kept me really engaged especially near the end. The sounds made my heart beat with sashas and I really love a game that gets my heart racing.... in a bad or good way. The voices came out so good and I wanna hear... more....

ALSO I JUST WANT TO SAY THE LOG FOR CHATS BEING A PHONE IN THE HAND IS SO CREATIVE??? AND WHEN I STARTED THE GAME I SWEAR I WAS LOSING MY SHIT... I AM SO PROUD OF THE CREATORS and they're doing such an amazing job I can't wait to play the full game!!!! I am definitely going to back this game as much as I'm able because I think products like this should be finished fully with no set backs!!! keep up the good work and I am SO excited to see how the full game ends up looking ;;;; I wanna get all the endings and just see... alll that spicy art and character design... god sorry for rambling IM JUST SUPER EXCITED FOR THIS VN!!!