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HOLY SHIT, okay first off I just wnt to say that this is so STUNNING. the art was on point, I keep watching the pv animation that was in the game... and the writing kept me really engaged especially near the end. The sounds made my heart beat with sashas and I really love a game that gets my heart racing.... in a bad or good way. The voices came out so good and I wanna hear... more....

ALSO I JUST WANT TO SAY THE LOG FOR CHATS BEING A PHONE IN THE HAND IS SO CREATIVE??? AND WHEN I STARTED THE GAME I SWEAR I WAS LOSING MY SHIT... I AM SO PROUD OF THE CREATORS and they're doing such an amazing job I can't wait to play the full game!!!! I am definitely going to back this game as much as I'm able because I think products like this should be finished fully with no set backs!!! keep up the good work and I am SO excited to see how the full game ends up looking ;;;; I wanna get all the endings and just see... alll that spicy art and character design... god sorry for rambling IM JUST SUPER EXCITED FOR THIS VN!!! 

Haha no worries, thank you so much for the support!!