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Thanks for engaging so well with the comments.  I know some popular works make that really complicated time-wise, but it's always good to see a creator take the time to return the kindness of a comment!  You're awesome.

It's a really cute game.  

I like the mini goals, but would like more scenarios where I didn't feel like it was hopeless. 

When I end up making a grid where all the bears are awake only to go to *another* grid where most of the bears are gonna sleep and I have to survive, it feels like someone took away all of my progress.  If the grid had a different shape/different background color it wouldn't be so shocking.

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As an actual  Black person, this is a complete non-issue.  There's so much more to Black culture that quirky phrases and we celebrate when things we use and love permeate into other cultures.  I wish Black beauty standards, music, fashion, and role models ingrain themselves into more and more communities across the world.  They deserve to be shared.  This is not to be conflated with cultural appropriation--as that just muddies the water of the harm of actual appropriation.  

It's frustrating when other other well-meaning groups outside of black culture "speak" on our behalf.  We don't want Akarsha to speak any differently--honestly, that's neither on my radar AND is a simultaneously thing that I love about Akarsha's personality.  Black folks ultimately just want the same thing we have always been asking for: respect and to be regarded as fellow human beings.  That's always been it.  

If someone out there really wants to protect and offer something to  Black community, how about this?--stop referring to us (even through abbreviations) as African Americans.  Honestly, it's 2022.  We're Black.  Charlize Theron is African American.  Brii, you're good, don't change a thing.

Ester about to have a brain metldown.

New Arc Starting in the Butterfly Soup Webcomic, Ester and Noelle's sleepover!  Plus one shots from fans of the game!

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I've been having fun doodling a Butterfly Soup Webcomic to scratch the itch before the next sequel/novel comes out.

Sad Akarsha...

I'm having fun drawing up a Butterfly Soup webcomic to scratch the itch until the sequel comes out.  Getting a lot of enjoyment drawing, writing, and learning software over the past eight months!

I started a butterfly soup webcomic 'cause I love the game so much.  It's really, really silly.  Right now Chyrssa is officially recruiting all of the girls (+Min) to the baseball team by getting their parents signatures--so we get to see Yuki's parents.  And it's wild.  And Liz and Akarsha are going to have a really wholesome heart to heart.  And it's going to be the sweetest thing since diabetes. Check out the webcomic!

Noelle and Ester were meant to be best friends. 

Trying out some new art styles...

Butterfly Soup Webcomic!

Butterfly Soup Webcomic

Ongoing Butterfly Soup Webcomic!

Hahahahah, take all the time you need Brii.  We support you regardless!  Also, a novel wouldn't be bad either!

BS fandom is still alive on discord:

Feel free to hang out.

Waiting for Butterfly Soup 2 be like...

This week's webcomic:


I love this!  I get the reference!

This Week's Butterfly Soup Webcomic

What's up bro!


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This Week's Butterfly Soup Webcomic (Link)

Check out the Butterfly Soup Webcomic (Extra Innings)!

Liz posing for her senior year photo.

Photographer:  Okay, Liz.  Just give us a big smile and try to look as relaxed as you can... Well, good enough. 3,2,1.  Okay.  Next kid!

Liz:  :'>

These are like legit my favorite characters to draw.

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There's a Butterfly Soup Webcomic?  Yup!  We're just starting the Try Out arc (think Tournament Arc in a shonen)!  Ester vs. Yuki compete for the coveted spot of 2nd Basewoman!  Check it out!

Thank you, Sapphic!  Great games bring people together!

Yuki (Grace) and Sakura (Sumia)!

Check out the ongoing Webcomic !

This game inspired me to really improve my art/music/writing skills.  For that I'll always be grateful! 

I'm making a whole webcomic about it on the subreddit. :P


You can see the progress at