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As an actual  Black person, this is a complete non-issue.  There's so much more to Black culture that quirky phrases and we celebrate when things we use and love permeate into other cultures.  I wish Black beauty standards, music, fashion, and role models ingrain themselves into more and more communities across the world.  They deserve to be shared.  This is not to be conflated with cultural appropriation--as that just muddies the water of the harm of actual appropriation.  

It's frustrating when other other well-meaning groups outside of black culture "speak" on our behalf.  We don't want Akarsha to speak any differently--honestly, that's neither on my radar AND is a simultaneously thing that I love about Akarsha's personality.  Black folks ultimately just want the same thing we have always been asking for: respect and to be regarded as fellow human beings.  That's always been it.  

If someone out there really wants to protect and offer something to  Black community, how about this?--stop referring to us (even through abbreviations) as African Americans.  Honestly, it's 2022.  We're Black.  Charlize Theron is African American.  Brii, you're good, don't change a thing.